17 / Female / Straight / Single
Dyatytaky – UA
Привіт , 你好 , Hello ^-^

Corpse.grinder is my French bitch, ily

I used to be on this site a really long time ago (Dating back to 1-2 Years ago) But I deleted my account , seeing I didn't really use this site . But I'm back now !
My name is Lu , I'm originally from Dyatytaky , O'Blast Ukraine . I'm not really very much into the whole "Emo" Music , bc I actually listen to K-Pop . I am also not very fond of white guys lmao (I'm more for the Asian guys 😂) If ur white and trying to hit on me , gl buddy 😂😂😂

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my-hit.org/film/18634/ I'm so done with russian movies jfc