15 / Male / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Missouri – US
--Tissues for your Issues--

I'm Tobias but literally everyone calls me Toby.

I'm kinda lame and edgy and I don't know how you came across my profile but leave while you can.

I'm on every now and then but don't expect me to reply to your messages.

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oh hell yeah, an edgy username

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god.father asked

why do you look like emo phase justin bieber
First time I've heard that, haha. I dunno though, someone said I look like an emo version of Ciel from Black Butler so-

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Hello ^-^


Hero ^.^


happy birthday ^-^


you are awesome and you told me the truth...about diglett 0-0 i might not recover but at least i can talk to you haha 10/10