15 / Female / Straight / Single and Not Looking
Wishing I was somewhere else – US
I'm a rad emo/scene kid who is looking for some friends

I listen to BMTH, PTV, SWS, FOB, MCR, P!ATD, OM&M, ADTR, FIR, Green Day, Blink-182, and many more bands.

I'm a superwholockian (mostly sherlockian) and potterhead. Have a nice day!!! XD

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I just HATE it when people pretend to be someone they aren't. Like what? You don't think you're good enough so you just steal someone else's life in order to try to get into someone else's? Yeah well thanks for everything!!! >:( :'(

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Anonymous asked

post more picsssssssssssssss
haha ok, I will soon