16 / Female / Straight / In Love
Indiana – US
Hey guys!
My name is Abigail but friends call me Abby.
This is my second account on this website.
I'm taken by the cutest guy ever, I love him so much <3. I'm looking for people who are like me because I need more friends... I'm terribly depressed lol
I'm a huge metalhead, gamer, and otaku.
Some of my favorite bands include:
Thy Art Is Murder
Infant Annihilator
Black Tongue
Rings Of Saturn
$uicide Boy$
Taking Back Sunday
Blink 182
The Used
and many more (I have a broad music taste lol)
I'm a really sweet person when you get to know me but i'm really shy at first so beware.
Also I have a bad temper if you p*** me off sooooo yeah.
Don't p*** me off.

I hope you all have a lovely day!
Feel free to hit me up!

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KMS lmao.