14 / Female / Lesbian / Recently Single
Roast buddies Kaitlynnluvsya
Hmm, well I like music
And books
Books are cool
Oh my name is Ellie by the way 😂
I don't really know what else to put, um, oh I like dogs
Defo a dog person
Christ I'm so cringe halp

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Oh god so im here jamming out on some drums proper getting into it, doing the weird head movements and everything, and on top off my stick attacking me i turn round and my mum is in the doorway like :D and all i can do is just cringe at myself

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Kaitlynnluvsya asked

I was gonna try to insult you but I read your bio and you actually seem cool so I don't think I can
Aweh thank you :) my bio is so cringe and awkward xD