15 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Uniontown, Pa – US
Ay waddup I'm Cody/Maxine and I like dank memes. Also a weeb who likes anime & video games & s***t. I'm so awkward rip. I love music,,, some artists would be:

~My Chemical Romance (fave of all time tbh)
~Bring Me the Horizon
~Pierce the Veil
~Blood On the Dance Floor
~Asking Alexandria
~Twenty One Pilots
~Black Veil Brides
~Fall Out Boy
~Suicide Silence
~Melanie Martinez

and a ton more that I'm too lazy to type .-.

Add meeee if you want <3 or don't idk I'm pretty weird and ew buT-

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Going on scenekids.com while listening to Hawthorne Heights wow really rocking those mid-2000s vibes @me

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Hi ^-^