100 / Male
turbo land,north east usa – US
yooo yoo supp i use to have account on here but it got hacked also i have dyslexia .....soo ya....

i have skype...and kik
skype name is killerclown08
kik name is teemo088
but please if you add me on ethier of these link ur scenekids name or just tell me your scenekids name soo i know who added me

add me on skype i has webcam n mic

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i use too have alot of people too talk too which helped me out alot too keep my depression at bay......but now i dont.....and now all im thinking about is how lonely i am ....and how no one seems too even care anymore.........hints why im thinking about just deleting everything....:(.....but i need stuff too doo ...but idk anymore.... :'(

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8 👌😋


Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.


I love your profile pic it's soooo cute!


Happy birthday