17 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Where The Moon Goes – US
Rose Solstice is the name! Yo!


I love skateboarding, I enjoy playing with bugs and spiders, I hate hospitals because of bad memories, and I love scary things.

I'm the 2nd best out of 10 in my Theatre Class.

I like dressing fancy and looking like I have class, because I gots none.

I wear snapbacks and beanies a lot.

I love band merch, or any kind of merch.

Meme's aren't that big of a deal to me but they're funny.

I want to be a Voice Actress, Astronomer, and Photographer!

I'm really energetic in person and confusing. But hey! That's what makes me unique. Even if I can't decide at anything. Heheh.

My love life isn't important.

Don't ask for nudes, dat be gross m8.

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Lol, ohhh so now you're gonna try to get with my best friend?

xD Good luck, ya f***boiiii

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My cosplay broh 😁😆 ily okay


I stalk u broh