16 / Male / Straight / Single
Orange City – US
hi, i'm terry and i like to party.
..actually, i don't leave my house but that's okay, i guess. i'm 16 and I live in florida.

i listen to a lot of music; mostly metalcore but odds are I'll know any artist you wanna talk about. so talk to me about music, it's one of the few things i know about!

i'm most definitely a pokenerd, into competitive Pokemon and all that. i'll give you my 3DS FC if you ask, I have Moon. i also play a lot of Paladins and Sm4sh, if that's something that suits your fancy.

i'm also into anime, as expected from a recluse like me.

my instagram and spotify are both standupnscream, so check those out if you feel like it.

i feel that i come off as extremely boring to people that i don't "click" with, and so i end up not having terribly many actual friends.. oh well. such is life.

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the fact that there are people on this website who legitimately love crunkcore is really something to behold.. sigh

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Thanks for adding me mate