17 / Male / Demisexual / Single
I'm pretty chill most of the time, unless you're an asshole. I'm german-canadian.I enjoy a lot of different genres of music. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are: Glitch hop (opiuo, nitro fun, pegboard nerds, feed me), Trap (the fat rat, Hardwell, warp9), Jazz, Rock (AC/DC, Pink floyd, Guns'n'roses,), and 90's hip hop. I also enjoy video games (who doesn't?), as well as movies (whiplash, the dark knight, 21 jump street). I'm pretty mainstream (at least I admit it), and I'm becoming scene. I'm a grammar nazi (who even uses that term?) so if you make a mistake I will correct you. In the future, I hope to become a prosecutor/paleontologist/bio-medical engineer. Thats pretty much it for now, hope you enjoyed my profile!

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I'm in the mood for food.

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stepdaddy asked

I see what you did there
(using the same pun twice can make it better or worse) It was "great" wasn't it?