17 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Fresno – US
Hi, I'm Anthony. I'm 16, I play guitar, listen to music, play games, i'm in a band, and I go to concerts alot. I used to have an account on here but I deleted it and decided to make a new account. I'm an outgoing chill person who loves to help people with problems. So message me if you'd like to whether it be chatting or anything else. By the way I don't really go on here as much as I used to so, here's my other social media stuff down below. :P

Instagram: yungcipher
Facebook: Anthony Peraza
Tumblr: rulesofcipher
Snapchat: antdeezie
Kik: Vampirefox1 (cheesie name is know I made it in 8th grade, currently a Junior .)
Skype: anthonyperaza12

Message me on any of those and I'll reply as soon as I can.

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What are we doing now brain? Same thing we do everyday pinky.