14 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
daddys arms :3 – US
sup. um......(im so f***in lame) anyways ^~^ feel free to msg meh, i wont bite (hard) anyways, a little about me..?

(you have to now >:D)

Im such trash its amazing.
i like slipknot (ooh corey taylor)
marilyn manson is kinda a given.
i write a lot ?

im still lame, i have no idea why you even clicked.

(okay i really just want a place where i can chill with people who are like me and like the same things and such, im a real kinky f*** as well, and if you couldnt tell, i have a really bad mouth) although weed can be bae<3 XD (dont u dare judge me) its medical so fahk it XD

not in a relationship XD cuz yea. super lame over here, *shrugs* u learn to deal XD (but im open *winks* eeyy)
*kms smh*

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im sleep deprived but i wont sleep til later XD im a weird lil bean, send anons or msg me ^~^

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Gummy.Bear.King asked

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more like -10000000 out of 10 XD but thankk uu<3

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