14 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
bestest friend on the planet <3 KandyCorpse
behind you bitch <3 – US
sup. um......(im so f***in lame) anyways ^~^ feel free to msg meh, i wont bite (hard) anyways, a little about me..?

(you have to now >:D)

Im such trash its amazing.
i like slipknot (ooh corey taylor)
marilyn manson is kinda a given.
i write a lot ?

bruh, mess with my friends, ill cut u<3 *winks* lol u think im jokin, ill cut a bitch *also very yandere* watch ya self mate. *pokes knife at u* watch it.

im still lame, i have no idea why you even clicked.

(okay i really just want a place where i can chill with people who are like me and like the same things and such, im a real kinky f*** as well, and if you couldnt tell, i have a really bad mouth) although weed can be bae<3 XD (dont u dare judge me) its medical so fahk it XD
ALRIGHTY~ i have a hand fetish (not why im kinky, if u wanna know msg me im not ashamed XD) hands, are the best. so good XD im honestly not ashamed to say it, because all u dirty people have kinks to no matter what XD good day~ ALSO, like dude, a hand fetish is pretty explainable, i like hands, theres nothing special about it really XD its just like having any other fetish, so. yea. XD (so many laughs right?) um. so thats about it. good day for real this time<3 keep it EMOtional.

people i care abt deeply<3

he is my best friend and the best brother in the whole d*** world and if you disrespect him in anyway ill cut your sexual organs off okey<3 love u big brudda ^~^

she is the bestest friend in the world i love talking to her and she is amazing, stay cool <3 love u <3 ^^

RyujiDanma lolololol kaz is ma dude for life dont mess with him! or again. you'll find urself without sexual organs.

f.elix is the bestest bestest bestest person and he's a great friend i would do anything for him and he's sa adorable am i right ^~^ but dont f***in f*** with him or once more. you will have no smexy organs.

@ everyone, you are all special. also. again. DONT MESS WITH MY FRIENDS. you can call me a c*** *cuz i am obvs* but mess with my friends and SAY IT WITH ME, "I WILL HAVE NO MORE SEXUAL ORGANS" good boys and girls. you may go now.

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KandyCorpse asked

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes- Cinderella
awwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 thanksies

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Rate 15/10 off the charts! ;)


TBH you're very pretty and you're fun to talk too ^-^


9/10 pass I don't know you 💕😘💯😍👌but hawty af


How are you sweet girl 😍


I'm doing really well, how about you?