100 / Female / Straight / Single
Seminole, FL – US
I am Kimberly. Hi.
I am an asshole but I have a heart of gold anyways.
Weird, yeah. You'll understand once you get to know me.
More about me? uhm...
I am annoying as f***.
Hella clingy but independent at the same time.
If something p***es me off I will not hesitate to start screaming like a lil baby.
Seriously, I will tell you my opinion whether you like it or not. But aye-
I love human interaction.
I love talking to new peeps.
...So message me?
You know you want to.

Whatevs. C ya.

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Corpse.Grinder  asked

Yours shall be Followed home and killed
It's actually "Followed Home then Killed", but thanks dude :-]