19 / Non-binary
Outer Space – US
Hello welcome to my profile.

You can call me Dusk.
I'm 19 years old, and an Aries-Taurus cusp.
(I swear didn't mean to rhyme it just happened)

Honestly I suck at writing Bio's.

Ok what else about me, l'll try to be brief

Here's a list of stuff I'm into:

- Drawing, conceptual art
- Science, astrophysics*, cosmology
- Sant Mant/Spirituality
- Game design
- I play a few games, though not many as I'd like to.
- Makeup is a fun thing ?
- Cosplay, anime, BL, etc (I think you get the picture lol)
- Fantasy&Folklore enthusiast
- Feline lover
(also just animals in general)

I don't identify as a boy or girl but I am a 'biological female' who takes a prescribed low dose of Testosterone.

Well anyways enough about me. Writing about myself is slightly embarrassing. Probably will delete/edit this later.

Kudos to you if you've read the whole dang thing :o)

Alrighty have a magical day.
* ~ Loving vibes ~ *

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Lol its okey doll keep spamming me c:


Dx that sucks xc are you gonna get it fixed xc


I'm listening to everything lol ^^ omg same !! I'm so bad at conversations Dx


Listening to music mainly 🎶 🎶 hbu doll


It makes alot of sense cx I've been here for two years and I still scared to talk to people ⌒.⌒ love your name btw ❤


Pretty good ⌒.⌒ hbu I'm Sabii ♥


Hi ⌒.⌒