18 / Female / Pansexual / Engaged
idaho – US
hey, I'm an awkward turtle and i love tacos and burritos. I'm loud and actually can be mean if your rude back. I'm real shy at first but i promise ill warm up real quick. I'm not afraid to hurt a few feelings or faces. everyone is beautiful and sexy in my eyes but if your personality is terrible ill make your face just as bad as your personality and i'm not scared to do so (>'-'<) (>T~T)> (/'3')/ t('-'t)

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if im looking down at my phone, im probably texting my fiance but to your knowledge im probably talking to distance cousins and how im sending your body to feed my cannibal side of family c: have a good day

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doodmaith asked

In the us what state has the most emo / scean boys and girls?
definitely not in Idaho but I'd say more around California or Florida