16 / Male / Demisexual / Recently Single
neverland – US
hi, I'm monster it's nice to meet you all um I'm shy I try to do many hobbies if there, not challenging then I don't do them anymore, and I am an emo. I like animals, drawing, fluffy things, and singing. I dislike rude people, liars, and most humans... um if you have any questions feel free to ask bye.

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f*** you Idgaf i get that you were jeloous i got asked to go to the movies from a member on my swimteam with his little sister but you didn't haft to be an asshat about it and make a big deal and yell at me for it asshole

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Idgaf asked

Do you like people for how they look or who they are
people shouldn't care about how people look they should care more about who they are than anything else.

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i love you XOXO


Hi ^-^