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Alrighty, I'm bad at describing myself so here we go. You don't need to read all this, its just for reference ig. also I'm not a ginger its the lighting.

1. Things I love
- food
- cats
- sports
- youtube
- myself
- conspiracy theories
- horror movies
- cuddles

2. Things I hate
- people chewing with their mouth open
- bad manners
- over dramatic people
- people who only talk about how sad they are and always act depressed
- self loathing
- pity
- spiders
- rap, pop, and especially country music
- romance movies/novels
- commitment
- sexual roleplay

3. My Music Taste
- completely rock, but mostly punk rock, screamo, and heavy metal
- Falling in Reverse
- Get Scared
- Motionless in White
- Neck Deep
- Nekrogoblikon
- Escape the Fate
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Korn
- I Prevail
- State Champs
- Knuckle Puck
- Relapse Symphony
- Follow My Lead
- My Chemical Romance
- Fit for Rivals
- Icon for Hire
- Bloodsuckers Anonymous
- Blink 182
- Paramore
- Avion Roe
- Live Like Glass
- Five Finger Death Punch
- Slipknot

4. Other
- i play a lot of video games
- i have 2 cats and they are my f***ing life
- im an attention whore
- I sleep and eat more than anything else
- my favorite movie is Corpse Bride
- my favorite anime is Death Note
- I have a very dark sense of humor and i swear a lot
- i make a lot of dick jokes
- i am a total narcissist but i always tell myself i can be better
- i have misophonia
- i'm 5'3 and 108 pounds

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hey guys i just made a facebook profile finally if anyone wants it message me ^-^

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I have a crush on u

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