14 / Female / Straight / Single
mentor, ohio – US
Im a total skank and i love food. I listen to a s*** ton of music, mostly rock. I love sports and sleep. Emotionally unavailable and kind of a narcissist. Very active, and always outside. I love talking to people and I'm totally outgoing. I don't do all that role-play s***. I have a life outside of this website so if I don't message back that's why. I don't like wasting much time of my life, it's short enough. I'm not depressed, sad, or anything like that and i try to stay positive. I say a lot of weird s***. if u have any questions feel free to ask ^-^

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i should finish my entire costume today, but if not today then tomorrow. ill upload a pic as soon as its done tho ^-^

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
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i deleted my old one for personal reasons, but when i make a new one ill message u on here ^-^

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If you had a piece of French toast, a bar of butter, and some garlic salt, could you make a delicious meal?


Black fluffy spiders walking on a waffle