15 / Female / Straight / In Love
Is a murder with Immaculate.Misconception
My life goal is to find a bae who will cosplay the Legend of Zelda with me but will be Zelda because I like Link more.
My life is a cringe cringing.

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Ok so this is my last f*** you. I'm most likely not coming back to scenekids, so I wish you all happiness and peace. Honestly my time here was lame 😂😂 and I hope that whoever bothers to read this know that it's a waste of theirs too. My final advice? Stop whining about your problems and go fix them you lame f***. Anyways~ this is KawaiiSushi69 signing off ^~^

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rosey1011 asked

I know this isn't a question but hope it will help with the boredom. Blah. Lol
Oi thanks m8