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I'm very terrible at these /).(\

Erm Hai :3

I can be very random and come up with the stupidest things xD

I love to dye my hair c: around 8 months I'll finally get my piercings :3

I can get creative //.\\ I write and draw.. I absolutely love music along with my love /).(\ I play the guitar, flute, piano and I hope to get drums soon xD

I have the most amazing boyfriend that ever existed :3 I'm so so thankful for him and I always question how I got so lucky <3 erm I should stop there because I type for years about him //.\\

I'd love to travel, being stuck in a small town for years isn't my way of living life to its fullest xD I love to try new things..well sort of xD it depends what it is. If it's something like have a pet spider that's an absolute nuuu xD aha might as well leave now cx

Erm what else?

I have a past that I will not reveal to everyone. One I'd rather not bring up only so many people know..my love, family, and the person who lived through it..

Bloop :P Also winky wink...xD I'd be amazed at who actually knew what that meant xD

I'm not perfect or anything nice aha..I don't think I'm beautiful erm if you ever say a compliment to me even if it's just about my hair color I won't believe it..I'm sorry //.\\

If you read all of this I'm very surprised, I didn't know I was that special or important c: I applaud you for staying. Thank chu c:

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I guess it's different when your dad says some thing to you..because that one word he called me..when he called me worthless it's like he tattooed it to my brain and it won't go away..

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bandsforeverSWSBVB23 asked

did u get your tickets and vip for andys tour
No aha

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Do you wanna message me?


i agree .-.


because my school doesn't allow color hair to school.


yeah my friends's mom is gonna do my hair for me c:


that would look awesome! i wanna dye mine lavender purple and black cx but i have to wait for summer.-.


your welcome! c: i love your hair btw <3 <3


Thanks for the add c: ~Katy (FluffyCatz)


Awesome CX here's my kik emobear017 same as my username lol


Yes really?


Hey, can we be friends? (: