15 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
philly – US
hey thar, i like
~video games
~pop punk, metal, rock and roll, and post hardcore
~playing bass

talk to me if u like talking to rlly awkward blue haired galz

if u ever wanna talk to me other than this site

kik : _ellahatesyou_
instagram : w.nderlxss
snapchat : karklessparkles

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im playing undertale with my friend, aaaaah this is so fun i havent played this game in months!

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Panda asked

Favorite game?
Oh god thats actually a tough answer. Maybe fallout 3? or Zelda Windwaker, maaaaaaybe Super Mario Galaxy? Zelda twilight princess? Kingdom Hearts? All of those wrapped into 1 basically.

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