16 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Hyrule – US
Hey there! The names Karmin, but you can call me Karma c: I'm a heavy gamer, especially on PC kek. I really love anime and playing music and listening to music. I'm a smol gril that lubs memes.

"don't be stupid be a smarty come and join the commie party!"

if u ever wanna talk to me other than this site

kik : kitteeslayer
instagram : ellx17
snapchat : karklessparkles
steam : karmakittee
discord : message me if you want to add~!

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hey my dudes, do any of you have steam or discord? i would love to add new friends and play vidya and make a server with you guys~! (^人^)

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Panda asked

Favorite game?
Oh god thats actually a tough answer. Maybe fallout 3? or Zelda Windwaker, maaaaaaybe Super Mario Galaxy? Zelda twilight princess? Kingdom Hearts? All of those wrapped into 1 basically.