67 / Male
>> My self summary

I love pastels, unicorns, kittens, and vintage clothes. I'm always open to talking about music. I'm big on romantic and surrealist poetry and I listen to a lot of shoegaze, noise pop, post-punk, and it also disco but also a lot of varied stuff. I'm a very autumnal sort of person, but with plenty of spring in my step.

I have seen a lot of struggle the last two years~! What I've learnt is I can't date anybody I can't listen to records with and I need a drummer badly. I have been away from my electric guitar so I practiced making beats in the experimental psychedelic / uk garage / too many feelings genre. I'm looking to practice a lot and get back into songwriting. If you want to come over and hang out while I or we make music you're pretty tops in my book!

I used to hang around coffeeshops for hours writing poetry. I became a homebody to get better at cooking! I bake when I want to bother people still. I have a lot of art, vinyl, books, and scarves around my house. I am looking into forest gardening and mushroom cultivation once I have the space! I'm the caretaker of a couple dozen cats and some dogs now. Pix will ensue in a week.

I'm a radical queer communist. I'm not a liberal and I refuse to have that label stuck to me. I believe in decentralized political decision making and job complexes balanced to empower all the working class. I believe without permaculturalism adopted around the planet and widespread resistance to capitalism that the world will get really weird really fast. I am emotionally preparing myself to see biodiversity crash and burn and masses starving at the same time I organize myself into somebody who can usefully join Everybody.

A psychiatrist once told me that I was a genius. I've been trying to prove him wrong ever since.

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART if you're racist, imperialist, or transphobic you are literally a bad person and please do not talk to me at least not on this website I wanna think about kissing and holding hands not your fkn bulls***.

>> What I’m doing with my life...

I'm in the rural South caring for a bunch of cats and dogs, cleaning, making music, meditating on the moon and stars and all beneath them, running very fast and spinning very quickly, and learning about designing/implementing productive polycultural perennial ecosystems. Also nosing around for conversation.

>> I’m really good at...

writing, cuddling, cooking, and making feedback.
also massage, being satisfied, getting off topic, and touching

The first things people usually notice about me...

Why is this skinny white girl walking such big dogs and where did she get an asymmetrical haircut, fkn YankeeLand?

>> Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food...

Books - I clean my slate of books. When I get new glasses I shall approach them with new eyes.

Movies - Blade Runner, Lost in Translation, Låt den rätte komma in The Holy Mountain Dead Man

Music - My Bloody Valentine, Gang of Four, Best Coast, Prefab Sprout, Wild Nothing, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Vashti Bunyan, Nick Drake, Football, etc., American Football, Liz Phair, Orange Juice, Air France, Joy Orbison, The Weepies, Vondelpark, Archers of Loaf, Atari Teenage Riot, Future of the Left, The Breeders, Art of Noise, The Bilinda Butchers, Black Moth Super Rainbow, James, Frazier Chorus, [The Happy Flowers]], Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Weeknd, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Zed Bias El Ten Elevent The Cranberries Arts the Beatdoctor Nujabes Class Actress Erasure Fripp and Eno Gold Panda Memoryhouse

I'm a vegetarian, and I absolutely love to cook. I love herbs and veggies, fruits and cheese!! I am a huge mushroom fan, and I go through them in scary quantities. I really enjoy baking and bringing baked goods to people to make their day better, but I don't eat much of my own stuff. Wine and cheese are my weak spot, I really can't resist in the slightest. Craft beer rhymes with cheer for a reason! I love a good stout.

>> The six things I could never do without...

Vintage dresses, a cast-iron pan, my record collection, my leather writing pad, chapstick, and the collected works of Byron.
NOTE I have literally had to do without the majority of these things for a year now and i can confirm that it is nigh-unlivable.
DOUBLENOTE: I have been without these things for two years because folks f***ing steal. I will update in the coming months as my material dignity is restored.

>> I spend a lot of time thinking about...

Music, Her, divinity, food, regenerative ecosystems, cute kitties, intimacy

What does it mean to be the light which reveals that which envelopes all? What is expression without music? What is music without expression? Will anybody come listen to records with me in this town or county or state?

cuddling and making out and cuddling and making out and cuddling and making out and crying holding hands but mostly cuddling and making out and cuddling and making out and holding hands and chattering

>> On a typical Friday night I am...

Dreaming of intimacy while alone with my cat, honestly. Singing to the goddess how grateful I am! Going on walks through the mist and filling myself with wonder.

Writing with my many kitty friends! Overdressing to the grocery store. Walking on rough asphalt in heels. Listening to records on repeat! Not production or mixing, that's too much like work- songwriting, prose, flirting, talking to myself and kitties, that's where I'll be prolly stoned as a spider.

>> The most private thing I’m willing to admit...

My guitar turns me on a lot. I frequently talk to myself. I used to be prone to delusions.

Also I bruise and cry really easily and have cum just from my nipples thanks to good pop-rock and also an older dude whose number I trashed just before it could've saved my academic career.

>> You should message me if...

You want to swap mix cds, baked goods, fluids, or poetry.

You want to come over and play in my dungeon! Should be in thoroughly working order by february.

You love the moon and you want to party with me and be best friends for a while or forever.

You're willing to come out to a ghost town just to hang out and wander with me and some giant gay fish.

You just think I'm cute, that's cool too.

You want to f*** on a rainy day.

You wanna rant about socialism, activism, compassion, love or just scream along to really noisy pop music.

You love Princess Diana.