21 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Not Looking
Taco buddies cx with I.Kandy 
I'm onestly so confused about my gender I'm not even sure if I'm a girl or a boy anymore but I will saveup to get surgery and eventually ill become the gender I was supposed to be and hey people what's up I'm new here for now my name will be jem if you support gender confused support this profile and like it I'm not shy only in person I am I wish to make a lot of friends on here maybe even a best friend at the most so hit me up if you're interested

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I think everyone should every one should accept every one for who they are in life because you only live once and it'd not easy makeing think about that the next time you say oh I only talk to people who are good at conversation because eventually you'll just end up alone with no one because of it

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