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CHALLENGE!!!!(pt 1)

1 year ago


Sup guys, I'm so glad there's 23 members that I decided to challenge all of you beautiful people!!!
1. There'll be 3 challenges, but you have to pick 1 out of the 3.
2. You have to have a YouTube account so Ik yout guys done whatever challenge you picked. If you're a person who loves YouTube, than post a short clip of you doing the challenge on Instagram. If not that, you can't be on be on this challenge, but I'll add you on here cause you're amazing :3
3. There's only 1 winner
4. Of course there'll be prizes!!!
5. Just have fun :p

This isn't official yet due to the fact that I need to find 3 challenges for you guys.
1 year ago


Don't worry you don't have to start now. I'll tell you all when it starts, the 3 challenges you will pick, and what will the prize be. Have a great Saturday ^.^ <3