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(Creepypasta) Whispering Joe

2 years ago


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Whispering Joe

I am just your average normal man with a normal life, Each day I get up and go to my job each day and comeback doing the same routine every time. This one day it wasn’t a normal day, neither was it a day I would stick to a normal routine, this was the day where I lost probably the most important person in my life....

I was with the wife and my kids on a rainy day, we were doing the normal school routine where we would drop the kids off at school and she would drop me off at work. After dropping my son off we came to a stop at the lights as me and my wife waited patiently for them to turn green when out of nowhere a shadow of a man appeared on the car mirrors as soon the lightning struck. “What was that?” I said as I looked around the car feeling paranoid. It was strange, was this shadow a warning of a coming danger? Or was it a part of my mind? Soon, my wife turned to me looking confused. “Is there a problem?” she said in a calm voice. “You seen it, didn’t you?” I asked in a worried voice. “No, what do you mean?” she said as she stared at me. “The figure, it was in the mirror” I said pointing at the mirror. She rolled her eyes as the light’s turned green and the car started moving.

It was not until a few minutes later, the figure was on my mind, making me worried if it was going to pop out again. The car stopped at another traffic light as I sat back in my seat and took deep breaths. I started hearing things, as if I had a voice in my mind, but I was actually hearing it without thinking it. Looking around I felt like something was physically there, Just waiting, waiting for that moment where the car was completely stopped or ran out of gas. I started to shout at the voices in an angry manner “WHAT DO YOU WANT? LEAVE ME ALONE!” I shouted at the top of my voice as my wife turned to look at me. “Okay, I don’t know what you’re going through but your acting childish” she said with a raised voice. I was not able to hear her clearly because her voice felt distorted in each ear as my vision was too blurry to make out her appearance.

The car started to move against as I clenched my stomach with the feeling of nausea making me feel sick. “Joe is your mind, trust him and do must be done” said the voice in my head as it echoed through me on repeat. Finally getting up properly I could only see minimal vision as a picture in my mind formed of a man that looked alot like me with a knife with my wife dead on the floor. What could this mean? Finally reaching my breaking point I started to take my wife’s hands of the car wheel as I tried to gain control of the car. I pushed my wife off the wheel and drove the car into a opposite lane. The last thing I seen while in the car was a car coming towards us at top speed and after that, my vision faded to white. Gladly I was the one who survived the incident, waking up to puking blood, scars and bruises, I could see the car on the road upside down with glass shattered everywhere with my wife lying on the floor unconscious. I felt the feeling of being dragged, looking to my right I saw an arm pulling me out of the incident area.

I now look back to this day by staring at a picture of my wife on my desk at my office, thinking of her, mourning her, regretting the day. But things happen for a reason or for no reason. This is one of those days where I think it happened for a reason. I think I know who this Joe is and how he was able to contact me. But that’s a story for another time.....