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(Creepypasta) Coldhand

2 years ago


*My Best Written Pasta So Far, I'm going to start writing more sooner*


It was that time of the year in the ranger service; I was the one who had to go around making sure the park was safe. The park I work around isn’t quite the normal average park you see. No, this park was a bit.... weird. All the kids seemed to be scared entering it and newspaper pages would flood the streets with countless reports coming from people saying the park has a darker side to it. I was there at the time, Confused and scared. The only time that stood out to me was the first time coming to the park when i was a young baby boy in my pram with my mother pushing me around the park, my mother was a caring and beautiful woman who helped me and fed me when i was little and looked after me during dads working hours. My dad, well he’s a different story.

So anyways this day i came to the park with my mum was not a normal day indeed, far from normal. You see, around about afternoon me and my mum came to this little shop in the park for a little snack. She got me an ice cream and she helped herself to a snack of crisps. Suddenly this man in a dark brown heavy coat, black hat and green leather boots came up to her and started talking to her. The man sat down and started to engage in a conversation with her. Now my mum at the time hated my dad, she hated him so much she wanted a divorce. So what happened is that this man started making contact with my mum and she allowed him, then shortly afterwards, they started to kiss. Then the incident came...

The man got up and asked my mum to come with him. My mum tried to resist him but then afterwards she was so much in love with him she followed him to a shed in the forest. At the time i didn’t know what was going on but after all these years it affected me. I remember just sitting there for most of the day then, in my pram admiring the view of the park and the skies with no knowledge that my mum had been gone for most of the day. My dad arrived at the scene afterwards and started questioning the absence of mum. After a while he got my pram and started taking me home.

When we got home my dad was acting crazy, he was calling the police asking the neighbours, even going to ideas such as alerting the community. He was truly turning insane. As time passed by my dad grew mentally worse and as I got older i learned more and more about my mum and her disappearance. I even witnessed my dad getting on his knees when he had a bad day at work shouting at the window “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHY!!!” It was a frightening and scary experience. I woke up one morning to find blood stains coming from the bathroom, windows were smashed and water was leaking from broken pipes, I then noticed my dad’s corpse inside the bathtub with a toaster floating in the water. My dad had killed himself; this scarred me for the rest of my life.

So here i am, in my ranger’s job walking down the park paths and inspecting it to see if everything was alright. Everything is good and it looks like the old days, fresh and clean. I then stopped and stood in the middle of the parks shop. I turned around and saw the shed in the distance looking very creepy and the tree’s where blowing in the wind. I then started getting interested to see what was really inside there. Standing there next to the shop i had to make a decision, what was really inside that shed?

I made the decision and started walking towards the shed. Now i was next to the shed, it was all broken and all worn down looking mysterious in every way; I got the handle and started opening the door. As soon as I entered the house the floorboards creaked and I could hear ghostly sounds in the air. Images of corpses and deceased humans where mounted on the wall. There was 1 door stopping me from advancing to the next room and it was locked with a lock. I peeped through a hole in the wall and all i could see was red fog with a resemblance of the man’s face in the fog, barely visible. Suddenly a message was held up saying “Hello?” by a hand. When i stopped peeking the lock was gone but instead was now on the door i came in. Something knew of my presence and it was waiting for me. My heart was racing and pumping as i got hold of the doors handle and i was starting to shake. I opened the door and saw my mum’s corpse there all bleeding with cuts on her face, needles in her legs and she was tied to a wooden chair.

Looking at the corpse i tried to escape but it was too late; the door had the lock back on it. Struggling to get the lock off i started losing my insanity and i got unsecure when i heard a nursery rhyme in the air getting more and more loudly at the same time my heart rate was getting faster. The nursery rhyme went like this “Coldhand, Coldhand, beware, beware he doesn’t like trespassers, who wouldn’t even dare, He wears a hat and coat and torture’s his prey. Don’t enter the shed where all the bodies lay”. Turning round there he was, Coldhand was staring at me. The last thing i saw was his hand coming towards me with the air getting colder and colder. My vision turned white as i started to go numb from my head to my feet, I then woke up and was paralyzed, I was in a room also with thousands of other victims paralyzed and screaming in agony with a message written on the walls saying “Your here forever, your frozen forever”. I then started screaming and snapped insane.........