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I don't know if this is classes as a creepy pasta, but still

2 years ago

It's been a while since she last drove the blade into her beautiful smooth skin, only to see the pointless blood spilled for no apparent reason. Well... That's what everybody thinks, but fails to realize that she does have a reason to do it. Everybody makes fun of her naturally blonde hair, dyed in diferent colors. She has beautiful blue eyes, but she disguises them with make up. She is one of the most beautiful girls in her school, yet she is rejected. She has a beautiful body, yet other girls envy her. Everybody makes fun of her and she believes. She believes the horrible words that come out of their mouths, disregarding the true beauty that lies on her body, thus making her feel like a misfit. Such feeling causes a sence of numbness and worthlessness, creating room for hatred. Pure hatred for herself. She tries to ignore that, but she can't. They don't let her. The constant taunting makes her cry and cry, and she starts hiding. Their words are like bullets that are aimed at her heart, piercing the soft and precious tissue, tearing it into millions of tiny pieces.
She starts feeling broken.
Nothing feels right and everything seems out of place. Her friends seem distant, their voices have changed. Days seem longer and nights seem shorter, nights that are sleepless.
Her "friends" turn their backs on her, leaving only her best friends, the ones that are loyal to her. But... They're unable to fix the bruised heart.
She hopes to feel anything else than that constant feeling of depression and worthlessness, so she stares at the shiny blade, hoping to feel something. Her screams and pain are muffled by the clothes that cover her scarred skin and by her beautiful smile.
But... they soon find out, and there's nothing she can do to erase it of their minds.
She gets pushed around, beaten up by the girls and bullied by everyone. Her minds fills with the vain promises of her friends saying the typical "everything's going to be fine".
She's close to the end, but she feels like she can survive it.
Until one day... She gets stuck in the locker rooms with some boys, only to be violently stripped of her remaning innocence.
She's broken.
She sees no point in living any more.
The blade scars the violet writs and ankles again, creating the deepest of scars.
Her bright future is now covered in darkness.
She closes herself on the closet, setting the rope that would decide her fate. She puts the rope around her neck, and without any remorse, she jumps.
She immediatly realizes that this is more painful than she thought, so she tries to stop it. She tries to remove the rope from the neck, while struggling to breathe for the last few times. Tears of remorse, pain, anguish and depression pour from her eyes. The neck, put into an enourmous amount of stress, suddenly snaps, with a sick cracking sound, instantly killing her. So, she just hangs there... with blood pouring from her scars, hopeless.
She dies just because she was diferent, just because she saw the world with diferent eyes.