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Like Ghost in the Snow - By Gary Skyborn

2 years ago


I've been much, waiting....for far to long and feeling things,that arent enough Just give me a reason to belive,... please!...i remmeber, i still remmeber... when i was a kid, me and tom, running through the fields, playing soldiers, we we're the best friends anyone could be, we woould spend all day and all night in that field, even thought our parents didnt want us there beacuse it was to far from home, like i said it was a field, a empty piece of land, surronded by trees with a lake so we'ed have ice in the winter a place that was secluded just or us, we'll..we thought it was just to us,......" Hello sir, Lt. Tom Makel reporting for duty" "at ease soldier! the enemy has been pushed back! we're safe here" "are you sure we shouldnt go back to HQ? Its getting cold now that its winter and we might slip on the ice if we keep playing..sir" "No soldier! we must stay!" "you sure?that ice looks thin" "Yes im sure!" Then...Thats when it all went wrong.... "ummmmm sir...there was a rustle in the bush" "your hearing things, its probobly just a stray" then we heard another rustle...then one more....before "he" came out... a man, he was wearing glasses and a trench coat, he looked older, in his 40's maybe 50's its hard to was so long ago "Hello there,... you boys look exhausted, how about you come with me and...we'll have a good time" " thank you, we gotta get home" he smirked and then...he reached for tom, and i started running, and i thought tom was beind me until i heard "Help me! He wont let me go!" i turned around and i saw tom slip away,...but the man tripped him and tom smacked his head on the ice and..... he wasnt moving....the ice broke slowly and i saw tom fade into the cold shallow water from the lake...i saw from the top of where tom was a pool of blood so vivid the water it made me stop thinking....i saw the man was frightened and he ran away i couldnt hear anything, not me breathing,...not me running....not even the ice as my shoes stepped on them...all i could hear....was toms head smacking against the ice...over...and over again... i finally stopped running, not beacuse i wanted to..but beacuse i had to, my lungs we're burning and my face was frozen, when i was asked about tom later, i said i didnt see him at all that day he was reported as a kidnapped child and was never spoken of again. Last year,after 20 years. i finally had the guts to go back...i walked through that field again...and looked at the spot where we played soldiers...and then i finally got the nerve to go to the lake...i looked into the water and i just knew....tom is still down that lake....where noone knows and noone will ever know...about what happened on that day,so i looked down and i saw one of toms buttons from his vest he wore, i picked up the it tight...and pulled the trigger... I thought it would hurt more,shooting myself in the head... but i felt relived relived that i didnt have to carry this burden, that i wouldnt be sad anymore...that id have no more guilt to hold onto.... i fell into the lake and.... i could feel the blood gushing out of my head and the cold lake water entering my body as i fell in i looked down and i saw the fragmented skull of tom....i saw it and then closed my eyes and was over...this....was over now i would finally be back with tom...w'ed be friends...forever