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"Follow the buzzards"By me again XD

2 years ago

"Hi… My name is Peter, and I’m 16. For the past few years, I’ve been living in America, in New Jersey, but, back in my country, I was a fan of WWE. You know, World Wrestling Entertainment?
I obviously know that it’s all fake and scripted, and it’s all made up so that the so called “fighters” or “superstars” don’t get hurt while doing the stupidly dangerous stunts, but I used to watch it anyways, just for the fun of it, so that I wouldn’t be bored. I usually just watch WWE Experience, because, in my opinion, it’s better, but that’s a whole different topic.
I was getting really sick of it, and almost giving up on watching WWE forever, until three new characters came along. The Wyatt Family. If you don’t know who these three f*nuts are, I’ll explain in a nutshell. Basically, they are three brothers, two of them that are supposed “commanded” by the “leader”, Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt, is supposedly this man who is completely f*ed in the brains, that spews out weird and creepy messages like “Follow the Buzzards” or “There’s no such thing as a hero” or even something like “I’m your god, follow me”.
The other two are called Rowan, and Eric or Harper… I don’t know I could never memorize it…
I found them quite interesting, especially Bray Wyatt, because when he started doing those monologues that the superstars do in the rings, he only said the truth about the world’s current condition. Everything that came out of that man’s mouth was the complete truth. Except for the “follow me!!” type of stuff that he said. When he started “terrorizing”, and I say that in quotation marks because it wasn’t supposedly terrorizing at all to the fans, John Cena, that’s when I started to pay more attention to the show. I have always been interested in the supernatural and in the paranormal and all of that kind of stuff, and he always seemed so paranormal, that he got me very interested in him.
After a while, I started to search up on the internet details about him and where he was born, etc… etc… Curiosity got the best of me, I guess.
I didn’t find much apart from your typical Wikipedia biography and a couple of other websites saying the exact same thing.
I was bored to death at that moment, so I just messed around with Google and ended up clicking in page number 63.
Almost 99% of the people that search stuff on Google rarely search after page 20, because the websites that Google comes up with start to diverge a lot from the topic you searched for.
As you’d expect, nothing in that page had anything to do with Bray Wyatt or his career, except for this one website… I found it particularly odd, because it had a “-“ as the title. It had a normal address, like any other website but I’m not going to give it out, and you’ll see why in a bit...
I clicked on the website, and nothing but a black screen and a visit counter showed up, with an e-mail address. It said “Join? Send message”. I looked over to the visit counter. It said 26 visits so far, and the website had been created years earlier. It also had a message saying “Follow the buzzards”. I sent a message to the e-mail the website provided saying “What exactly is this website about??”. The response I got was an actual address of a location in Missouri. I looked it up on Google Maps and I saw this beautiful, 19th century, white, two story countryside house, surrounded by miles and miles of woods and a single road passing right in front of it. The date of the picture said November 10, 2012 and although the house seemed quite old, it was a in a very, very good condition. The road seemed worn out, but it looked like it was in good enough shape to be driven on.
I called my girlfriend and told her about what had happen. I sent her the address of the site and she checked it out and sent a message to the e-mail. She got exactly the same response as I did. My girlfriend seemed very interested in going there. She and her parents have a summer house in Missouri and they always go there in the summer.
Her parents love me and they trust me a lot, so after a quick conversation with them, they let me go with them. My parents let me too, reluctantly, of course. We were actually in the summer, so a few weeks later I was in Missouri with my girlfriend and her family.
Her parent’s summer house is a 2 hour drive apart from the location where the house was, so we had to find a very good excuse to go there. We met up with some friends of hers that were in college that were awesome enough to drive us there and leave us there for a good bit. One of them actually offered to stay with us, but we said he could go.
We got there and we were… we were shocked. Especially me.
What we saw… Was… Unbelievable. The house was in an incredibly rough shape. The front door was dangling, almost falling off in some hinges. All the windows were broken, and the wooden doors that can be closed at night to cover the windows were dangling too, while some were actually missing.
“I don’t think we should go in there… I better call Mike to come pick us up.”-said my girlfriend to me.
“Oh come on Hannah, we’ll just take a look around and then we can go”-I said, trying to convince her.
“Fineee…”-she said, sighing while looking at me.
We climbed the badly broken stairs that lead us to the porch. We felt this weird but very slight stench in the air, while we looked around the porch. The wooden floorboards were almost completely broken, and we had to be careful not to get our feet stuck in the gaps between them.
When we got into the house, we got greeted with the horrible smell of decomposing flesh and human waste. Both my girlfriend and I had ever felt the smell of decomposing meat, so we both ended up vomiting a bit. Inside of the house there was a huge mess. Broken and rotting wood furniture was scattered around everywhere, there was garbage, everywhere, the floor was broken… Everything that was once beautiful in that house was now ruined and broken.
There was blood everywhere. On the floor, splattered against the wall, smeared across the walls and dripping from the ceiling. The ceiling…? We both looked up and were immediately shocked… Bodies hanged from the ceiling, some of them stripped from their clothes, some of them with chunks of their body missing. Infected wounds with worms crawling out of them. Broken and disgusting exposed fractures that only made me shrink in pain, just imagining how much it would hurt to breaking something like that. Some of the bodies had their ribcages opened, with broken ribs spiking out of them, with intestines dangling out of their bodies…
My girlfriend threw up again, this time, revealing how much she was disgusted at all this. I felt pretty sick too, but luckily I ended up holding my food in its place.
It was also written everywhere “Follow the buzzards”, including on the bodies themselves.
We just couldn’t believe our eyes.
There were more bodies lying everywhere. In the kitchen, living room, garage, bathrooms. All of them with the same horrific wounds and the same sentence written all over them.
We both counted the bodies and we ended up with the number 24. There were 24 brutally murdered people in that house. I looked over to my girlfriend and said “I’m going upstairs…”
“What the f* is wrong with you?! Do you want to die or something like that?! We have to get the f* out of here before something happens to us!”-she shouted at me.
She started calling her friend, Mike, telling him to come pick us up. Mike responded to her that he had gone pick up his girlfriend at some place and it would take him at least 10 minutes to get there. Hannah shouted at him to drive as fast as he could. While they talked on the phone, I started hearing screaming… It was a woman’s scream, a very desperate one, while she begged someone to stop. Hannah heard this too and she hung up the phone. I started climbing the stairs, but Hannah held my arm, trying to stop me. The screaming and crying had grown louder and more desperate by the second. I could hear the sound of bones and ligaments being torn apart, so I started screaming “WHERE ARE YOU?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”.
No answer, apart from her desperate screaming. I wish I’d never gone upstairs. I wish I’d never even searched anything related to Bray Wyatt or anything like that.
I got free of my girlfriend’s grip and started running upstairs, followed by her. There were at least eight rooms, each and everyone in the same condition as the house was downstairs.
We checked every single room, except for one… It had bloody handprints and blood marks everywhere. A trail of blood was coming out of the room, indicated that bodies had been dragged out of there.
All the woman’s screaming was coming from that room… I looked one last time at my girlfriend, saying “I love you.”, as if it was the last time I said that. I entered the room quietly followed by her and what I saw… What I saw, will forever stay in my mind…
The bodies of man, broken in two pieces, with huge chunks of his body missing, with injuries like the other bodies… And the body of a woman, around the age of 25 years old. The woman’s screams had died down, to the point where she was just mumbling with pain. She was lying in a bed, and the bed with once white sheets now completely stained in red; needless to say that the whole room had blood covering up the walls. And, in front of the woman… A man with long hair, a ridiculous straw hat, a stupid Hawaiian short sleeved shirt, tattoos covering up his arms eating the woman’s insides. And by the corner of the room, two other men that looked like him, looking at him while he ate the woman. One with a ridiculous goat face mask… the other, with black long hair and beard, looking at the man in the Hawaiian shirt with a “psycho-ish” look in his eyes…
With those two bodies, the body count had gone up by two numbers. The number of people that were killed in that house was 26. Suddenly, the flashback of looking at the visit counter in the website came to my mind. I shook realizing what had happen to those people.
My girlfriend gasped, loud enough that the men would hear it. The man in the Hawaiian shirt immediately turned around, revealing the most evil gaze I have ever seen and probably will see. He was the only one looking at us. The other two decided that was their turn to “have their meal”. He had a sick smile on his face that got me terrified. I froze in my place, and so did my girlfriend. He said “You’re… Next…” The man had his face covered in blood due to scavenging inside the woman’s body. He got up and started walking towards me. I finally came to myself, and shouted at my girlfriend “LET’S GET THE F* AWAY FROM HERE!”, proceeding to grab her arm and pulling her with me. We ran the f* away from that room as fast as we could, almost tripping on corpses, arms and pieces of body that had been ripped apart from their original “owner” and broken wood that had fallen from the roof.
While running through the porch Hannah tripped on a gap and sprained her ankle badly. We could both hear Bray, or whoever the f*** that man was running after us from inside the house.
Fortunately Mike was arriving at the precise moment we got out of the house and he slammed on the brakes when he saw us, creating a cloud of smoke and a 10 yard braking mark.
We got on his brand new white Toyota Camry and he sped off as fast as he could.
Hannah was crying, shocked by all this, and her sprained ankle. It took us a while to explain to Mike what had happen, but we ended up telling him. We pleaded him not to tell Hannah’s parents and he agreed not to, with the promise that we would never search that for that house again.
We ended up coming back to New Jersey, and she and I have lived scared s***less.
It’s been three weeks since we were there, but it feels like it was yesterday.
Today, I came back from practice, and after I took a shower, I looked at my mirror and saw something…
There was something written in the mirror… It says “Follow the buzzards”, written in fresh blood. In the lower part of the mirror there was a picture of my girlfriend glued to the reflecting glass… I never put any pictures in my mirror, and the pictures of my girlfriend I have are either in well done frames or in my cellphone, so I was frightened at this sight.
This can only mean one thing… It’s got my girlfriend, and that f***ing thing wants me now.
Everywhere I look I can see something moving out of the corner of my eye. Call me paranoid, but I do.
I sat down in front of the computer and started writing this. And now… At this precise moment, I can feel his heavy breathing on my neck…
I just looked at that website to check the visit counter and it said 27.
Tears have just start rolling down my face, because I just realized that my girlfriend, the girl that I have loved for all this time, is most likely dead. Tears are now pouring from my eyes.
I just deleted my history, my cookies in my browser and the message history in my e-mail so that no one can find out about this website and have the same fate as we did. I talked to Hannah yesterday, and she did exactly the same thing as I did, including deleted traded messages between the e-mail address.
I will now upload this on some place on the Internet. Hopefully people will listen to what I have to say.
I’ll close my eyes, knowing that I’m the 28th visitor…"
I hope you guys like it, I'm planning on doing more in the future :D