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"Please don't search information about 'The Wanderer'"-My creepypasta

2 years ago

"My name is Peter and I’m 16 years old. I’m writing this because I want this to come out in public. I want everybody to know… I want nobody else to be hurt by this… this thing…
I live in Newark, New Jersey, in my girlfriend’s house. I’m originally Portuguese, and I lived in Portugal until I was 15. I lived at my mom’s best friend’s house, but then at a party, I met Hannah, my girlfriend. We started dating and we never got upset at each other. Now her parents trust me so much that they practically let me live in her house. Hannah has always been a very popular girl, and everybody seems to love her.
As I got to know Hannah better, I discovered that she absolutely loved the paranormal, and everything related to it. I was pretty interested too, but she was a lot more. She and I both loved Creepy pastas and we’d watch them until very late in the evening.
One night, we came across a story that was called “The Wanderer”.
It was about a girl that had seen a picture in a news group way back in the 90’s. The picture was of a road at night, illuminated by what seemed to be a couple of car’s headlights. On the right of the picture, there was an almost invisible, very dim image of a woman. She had no facial features whatsoever, and she had what seemed to be two long arms that came out of her body.
At the time, a lot of people were asked if they had seen the image, but only a small percentage had. And of the people who did, not many people had any particular experiences with it. Some minor headaches and a slight feeling of sickness, but nothing more. But there were people that had it worse. Those people seemed to reveal signs paranoia and/or insanity, claiming that they would have very disturbing and vivid nightmares about “The Wanderer” and that it existed in real life. The girl in the story started to experience the same things. In the beginning it was nothing special, but, as time went by, she started to go to extreme lengths to stay awake at night because of the nightmares, resorting to things like cutting herself and hitting her head against the wall. She ended up committing suicide.
When Hannah heard this story, it seemed like it had a weird impact on her. She started to look up information about what had happen, to see if “The Wanderer” was actually real. I tried to talk her out of it, because she wouldn’t find anything about it, but she didn’t listen to me. Obviously, she didn’t find much about it at first, but she didn’t give up.
Life went on pretty normal for us, after that. I even went to Portugal with Hannah to introduce her to my family and they liked her a lot.
But, after 2 months after we watched that creepy pasta, she started to act strangely… she started to look very tired and sad all the time… she was a very good drawer, and she used to draw the most epic things when she was bored, but when she started to change, she started to draw very disturbing things… like… a wolf tearing a baby’s body apart, with bits and pieces of its corpse flying around, and she started drawing the same thing over and over again. It said nothing more than “I see you… Do you see me…?”. And she would always write and draw these words everywhere… Notebooks, books, tables, etc…
I didn’t think much of it then, and she seemed fine, apart from being tired. But things escalated quickly. She started to look like she cried all the time… I kept on trying to figure out what was going on with her, but she would always pull out her beautiful smile and tell me she didn’t want me to get hurt or involved. I didn’t understand why though…
Then, my birthday came and she looked normal. There was a massive party and a lot of people came. I had told her that I didn’t want people to know about my birthday, because I don’t really like being on the spotlight, but being the awesome girlfriend she is, she threw a surprise party. I actually really loved the party and had a lot of fun. But, throughout the party, I noticed that Hannah kept looking over her shoulder… Constantly…
It was your typical “movie like” American neighborhood party, where people that aren’t even from your high school go to. I asked her if she was worried about somebody she didn’t want to come to the party being there, but she kissed me and said “No, sweetie, don’t worry.” And she took me to her room to do certain things you already know.
In the days after, she started to get worse again. While I slept with her, I started to hear her crying in the middle of the night saying weird things like “I do see you… I do see you… I do see you…” or “Get out… Please… Leave me alone… Please…” and she would whisper these weird things that I couldn’t understand what or why she’d do it.
She started to fall asleep in the most boring classes. But it wasn’t the “this is so boring” sleep; it was a very profound sleep, the type of sleep that you get when you land in your bed after hours of being tired. Every time she’d fall asleep, she’d shake a lot and have cold sweats. I held her hands and tried to cuddle with her the best way I could (because cuddling in classes isn’t very practical) and she seemed to calm down a bit… But she kept on shaking, although slightly less.
One day I got home after practice. Her parents had gone to Pennsylvania (they often travel to states all around New Jersey) so that meant we were alone. We actually stay alone at home very often.
I shouted, in a very jolly way “Hi baby girl!!!”, but I got no response. Instead, I heard a slight sobbing coming from upstairs… I put my stuff down and started climbing up the stairs. As I climbed the stairs, the sobbing started to turn into a cry, a very desperate cry, a very disturbing cry, as if it was a woman crying because she’d just lost her husband and son in a car accident.
The crying was coming from Hannah’s room. I tried to open the door slowly, so she wouldn’t hear me get in. Locked. I started to get very worried, so I gave up on the idea of entering the bedroom quietly. I proceeded to scream her name, begging her to open the door, while I slammed my fists against it. The crying was turning into a more violent and desperate cry. I screamed with all the air that was in my lungs “IF YOU DON’T OPEN THE F***ING DOOR, I’LL BRING IT DOWN!”
Still, I got no response, other than her horrible crying, so I started kicking the lock, trying to bust the door open. After around eight kicks, the lock started to dangle over, and I decided to shoulder charge the door. Shards of modern wood flew everywhere as the door gave way to my weight. She didn’t stop crying.
What I saw in the room… shocked me. There was broken mirror glass everywhere and drops of blood everywhere on the floor. Hannah kept on saying “I see you … I see you… I see you…”
Nothing was out of place apart from pieces of her broken mirror that was scattered all over the floor.
I didn’t see Hannah at first, because she was inside of her closet, completely backed into a corner. She was sitting with a small puddle of blood next to her.
I crouched next to her, searching for words inside of my head.
“Hannah… What-”-I chocked on my words.
“It was right behind me! It touched my f***ing shoulder!”-she shouted, before returning to her sobbing.
I looked down at her arms… There were… She had endless streams of blood coming out of recently made deep scars. She had dozens of scars, both old and new, that went from her wrists up to the upper part of her arms… Both her arms. I was shocked… I mean… This wasn’t normal, like, at all!
Tears started rolling down my face. I sat down next to her and held her close to me. She started saying: “I… I’m so sorry… It was right there… It exists…”. I didn’t know what to say or think. Hannah had always been a perfectly healthy girl. She had no health problems, no psychological diseases whatsoever, and she had the best grades. This wasn’t her, at all…
We both sat there, next to each other, for a long time. After a while, she stopped crying and sobbing and started falling asleep. I gently and carefully picked her up, and carried her to her bed and then I lied down with her.
When she finally woke up, she was calm, and I decided to ask her what was going on.
“N-Nothing…. It doesn’t matter…” was her answer.
For the first time, I lost my temper with her.
“What do you mean nothing?! You’ve been acting strangely ever since we watched that f*ing creepypasta! This is not you, Hannah! And it’s going too far! What you’ve done to your arms is really f*ing dangerous!”-I shouted, scaring her a bit, and surprising her with my sudden rage moment.
After a moment of awkward silence, she started to explain what had happen.
She told me that she started looking for news articles related to the girl that went suicidal after seeing the image on the newsgroup. She didn’t find much and she ended up running into some fake copies of the picture. She was almost giving up on searching information about the wanderer, when, one Thursday after school, she got a strange e-mail, from an unknown sender. She told me that there wasn’t any sender’s address, at all. The subject in the e-mail said “I see you… Do you see me…?” and it contained a file attached to it. The file was an image.
The image… was of a lonely road, at night, illuminated by what seemed to be a pair of car’s head lights. The sides of the road were covered by a soft layer of snow. And in the center of the road… an almost invisible woman-shaped figure with two long boney extensions coming out of her body. The image seemed like every other fake she had seen but this one… this one was in a much better quality. Everything in this picture seemed in high, almost real quality as if you were actually standing in that place.
Hannah thought it was just some stupid kid trying to prank her by sending that e-mail so she decided to delete it. But when she looked at the image a second time, she found herself staring at the image, not being able to look away from it. And she noticed something that shocked her. She noticed that in a very dim, almost transparent tone, a sentence had appeared in the top part of the image. It said the usual “I see you, do you see me?”, but it wasn’t this that shocked her, it was the fact that the sentence was not there when she first saw the image. She swore to me, with her life, that it wasn’t. She even showed me the e-mail she had received.
After this, she shut down the computer and went to the living room to watch TV in the hope that she would forget about what had happen. The only problem was that… she couldn’t…
The image started to bury itself in Hannah’s head and she couldn’t seem to forget about it.
There was something truly disturbing about that image that she didn’t quite figure out what it was. She started to develop very violent, vivid and disturbing nightmares, where “The Wanderer” would eat her family and friends, me included, in a very disgusting way. Because of that, she started to be terrified of sleeping. She’d do everything she could to stay awake. Watching TV, gaming intensely throughout the night, watching videos, anything. At first it worked. Those activities were enough to keep her mind off the subject, but it wasn’t long until she started to actually see “The Wanderer” in real life. She’d see shadows moving on the corner of her eye. Shadows that later turned into actual shapes of a woman’s body. She would see the wanderer both in the night and in the day. At night, the wanderer would just “stand” in front of the window staring at the inside of her room. I say that in quotation marks, because her room’s on the second floor, so you can see how scared she got. In the day, it camouflaged itself with regular, day-to-day, objects, following her around.
She even got to a point that she would have to cut her own flesh, just so she wouldn’t fall asleep due to the pain she was feeling. And they weren’t shallow cuts at all… I mean… They were very deep!
When she told me this I shook… She had been describing what had happen to the girl in the creepypasta. That girl had exactly the same problems! Signs of insanity, paranoia, self-harm and extremely disturbing nightmares.
I looked at her beautiful baby-blue eyes, reddened by so much crying. “It’s real, Peter… And it’s killing me on the inside…”-she told me, looking back at my eyes.
I shook my head in denial. “No, no it’s not! I don’t believe this s*! It can’t be real; it’s just a f*ing story!”-I shouted at her, refusing to accept the thought that that thing was tormenting my girlfriend.
“You’ll see baby.”-and she told me and kissed me. When she told me that, I froze.
I had been looking at her eyes the entire time… They were revealing fear and desperation, but when I heard her voice, I noticed what seemed to be a sort of sick smile, on her face that lasted for a fraction of second…
Now I understood why she kept on looking over the shoulders… to see if that… thing… was following her. To see if it was going to hurt her and the ones she loved the most.
I helped her cleaning up the room and fixing the lock, although it didn’t work very much as the lock was completely broken. I helped her trying to hide the scars and tried to treat them, but it didn’t work much either, because they were just too visible.
A couple of weeks went by, weeks that Hannah struggled to go through. Her parent’s never knew about what went down, neither they seemed to noticed the broken lock.
One day, after school we were talking to a few of our friends and the subject of sleeping over at friend’s houses came up. Being from Portugal, I never really slept over at friend’s houses, nor I had friends sleeping over (it’s not a very popular thing over there), so I just let them re-live their moments. Hannah’s parents were out of the state again, so she gave us the idea of sleeping over at hers and we all liked and agreed.
Later that night we were all together in Hannah’s living room. Our friends Gabrielle, who was a girl with Jamaican roots, Jake, her boyfriend and a very good friend of mine, and James and Lexi, who were also two of our closest friends.
Two hours later, Lexi and James had to go home, because they had to wake up early in the morning because they had to go to Delaware in a trip, so that just left Gabrielle, Jake, Hannah and myself.
We all had a great time, than we went to sleep. We all stayed in the living room, just for the fun of it.
I kissed Hannah goodnight and then we all went to sleep. Well… Gabrielle, Jake and I did… Hannah tried to stay awake, but she ended up not being able to resist sleep.
A few hours of sleep later, I woke up, only to hear Hannah’s soft sobbing. She kept saying “Go away…”. I looked at her and asked her, whispering “What’s wrong baby?”.
What happened next… Will always stay in my memory.
“It’s right there…”-she said, whispering back at me.
“What is...” I didn’t have time to end up the sentence because I saw it.
Outside the window, there was that f***ing thing, almost invisible, almost blending in with the vast darkness of the night, creeping at the window, looking inside.
I couldn’t believe what my eyes were looking at.
My girlfriend was staring at it too, clenching both her hands in my right arm saying “I told you… I told you Peter…”
I held her close to me and said “Don’t worry… We’ll go back to sleep and it’ll be fine”, forcing a smile.
I tried to calm her down the best I could, and after a while she started to calm down.
Both Gabrielle and Jake were sound asleep and I decided not to wake them up.
After a bit, Hannah and I started hearing a scraping sound against the window. I looked over and I saw that thing scraping its long arms against the window. I held Hannah as tight as I could.
She was crying again and I started feeling sad too… I was starting to cry a bit too when Gabrielle got up suddenly and walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out and went to the kitchen. That’s when he heard something shattering.
Jake woke up in an instant, only to hear Gabrielle shouting “WHAT THE F***?!”
We all got up and started walking towards the kitchen, when Gabrielle came into the living room, running. She was speechless and looked really scared.
We all started asking what had happened. She was about to speak but instead, she just froze and pointed her finger to something that was behind us.
We all turned our heads, slowly only to be perplexed at that sight. That thing… Was standing right behind us.
I opened my mouth to tell Hannah to run away, but it was too late. It grabbed Hannah and buried one of its arms on her right thigh, making her scream with agony. I immediately grabbed her and pulled her away, making her fall on top of me. “The wanderer” next turned to Jake and pierced its long arm in his chest. Blood immediately spilled out of Jake’s mouth while he screamed with pain and tried to free himself from the thing’s arms. It then stabbed him again with her other arm, and rose him up like he was a piece of paper. Jake fought, trying to escape, but it all was in vain. The wanderer then opened his ribcage with no effort whatsoever, creating a river a blood that came out of his body alongside the horrible sound of breaking bones, ribs and torn muscles. Jake was screaming so much now. All I wanted to do was to help him, but I couldn’t move… I was literally paralyzed. Gabrielle and Hannah were too, but they were both crying really hard.
The wanderer then threw Jake on the floor, bashing his skull against the floor, causing a disturbing cracking sound. He was still conscious, but barely. It crouched next to him, eating his insides, ripping apart the flesh in his body in a very violent way, ripping his organs apart, causing massive internal bleeding. Jake was now silent, with streams of blood coming out of every hole in his face. Then it turned to Gabrielle. Gabrielle tried to run away, but she wasn’t fast enough. The wanderer grabbed her by the torso and threw her against the wall. Gabrielle went head the first against the wall, killing her immediately. The immense force of the throw made a slight hole in the wall. It then proceeded to do the same it did with Jake. Through the sound of flesh being torn apart and bones being completely shattered, it looked up at me and Hannah. And for the first time, I saw a glimpse of its horrible, expressionless face, only to see a mouth, with enormous sharp teeth, that would cut through flesh like a blade would, and blood coming out of its mouth. It revealed a disgusting grin, completely freezing me and Hannah in our tracks.
It tried to grab Hannah’s leg, but I pulled her away and tried to pick her up. I tried to make my way out of the house, but the thing knocked us out. I got up again but it slammed me against the wall. I felt intense pain and I tried to get up. My vision started to blur out and my hearing started to fade away. I could hear Hannah’s desperate screams for my name, but they sounded like they were coming from miles away. I tried to move the best I could, but it seemed like my body was stuck in concrete, combined with the lacerating pain of my broken bones.
The screams started to be quieter and quieter and my vision went black… Until I passed out.
I woke up and struggled to open my eyes, trying to focus my sight. I was immediately blinded by a bright white light that forced me to shut my eyes for a second.
“He’s awake”-said a familiar voice that seemed to be coming through a phone.
“Finally!”- said another familiar voice, this time saying it in a rather clumsy English.
I felt somebody touching my hand gently.
I saw my mother’s beautiful smile and heard her sweet voice saying: “Hi son. Thank god you’re alright, I came here as fast as I could! We were really scared back at home! Your dad couldn’t come, because he had urgent business issues to take care of, but he said that he sends you a hug and he’s keeping you in his mind.”
It felt really nice and comfortable hearing the Portuguese language after a long time, especially from my mom.
“A lot of your friends were here earlier. They left you something”-she continued smiling.
I looked over to my left and saw more than a dozen notes saying “Get well bro!” or “We miss you! Come back quick!” and stuff like that. I felt really good when I saw the notes; because it’s always very nice to have support from the people we love the most.
I sat up on the bed, exactly when my doctor and the nurse came into the room.
“How are you feeling Peter??”-asked Dr. Wayne with a very jolly smile on her face.
“Like you’ve been hit by a car??”-she answered her own question, laughing loudly with the nurse.
I love Dr. Wayne, because she’s just very funny and she always uses dark humor and I love dark humor, but this time I just wasn’t getting it. My mom seemed rather upset at the joke, but she didn’t say anything.
I smiled awkwardly, unsure of what to say.
“So, I’ve looked at your x-rays, and you seem to be fine”-she said, smiling.
“What…? Fine…?”-I stuttered.
“Yeah, you and your girlfriend were really lucky!”-she commented.
“S***, Hannah!”-I thought, forgetting about everything else.
“I want to see Hannah!”-I shouted.
“Sweetie, she’s fine, trust me.”-she said.
“No, please I want to see her, right now! She’s the person I most care about in this world! And look, I’m fine!”-I shouted, moving around the bed, trying to prove my point, but amazed at the fact that none of my bones had been broken.
“Alright… Fineeeeeee.”-She sighted, with a comprehensive smile.-“I guess I’d feel the same if I wanted to see my husband. Follow me, but be careful.”
I got out of the bed, confused at the fact that I wasn’t hurt at all, after what happened last night.
Flashing images of Jake’s torn ribcage and my girlfriend’s cut arms kept appearing on my mind.
I wanted to see what happened to Hannah after I passed out, I wanted to know what was going to happen now, I wanted to know what had happened to James and Lexi and Jake and Gabrielle…
Hannah’s room was about 30 yards from mine, that would take about 5 minutes to go through, but since the hospital was full of people in the hallways it took me a while.
When, I got to her room, I smiled immediately when I saw her. She was sitting up in the bed, talking to her parents. When she saw me she looked like it had been given to her the best gift ever. She said: “Peter! Oh my god, you’re alright! I thought something bad had happened to you! I mean… You passed out and I was screaming out for your name, but I couldn’t move!”
I walked over to her bed, held her hand and gave her a very warm and long kiss.
“You were extremely lucky, Peter. Lexi and James weren’t so lucky…”-said Hannah’s dad.
“Lexi and James…? I thought it was…” I started feeling dizzy, so I sat down.
“You were in a coma for three days, baby.”-Hannah explained to me. “The doctors thought you were going to be like that for a lot more time.”
By now I was very confused, so I asked “What happened?!”
“We were in car crash, Peter”-She finally told me.
“C-car crash… We were in a car crash?”- I stuttered.
“Yeah… it’s hard to believe. We were in an intersection with Lexi and James, James was driving and a van with a family inside crashed into us from the right side. I don’t remember much of it either, but you were sitting on the left part of the car. And I was sitting on the right… And luckily… Nothing but a piece of metal hit me. It penetrated straight through the door. You weren’t wearing the seatbelt, so you flew out of the car. The door on your side hadn’t been fully closed because it was faulty, so it just opened when we got hit. You hit the pavement head first… So I thought you’d passed out and started screaming for you to wake up. Lexi and James weren’t so lucky. The van hit the front right part, so they had it much worse. All I know is that both of them have severe neck injuries, but they’ll be fine. ”-she said.
“The driver and front seat passenger of the van both died. The woman slammed head first into the windshield, killing her on impact. Her skull was massively shattered. The man… Well, I guess there was something faulty with the steering column, because it ended up well inside the man’s ribcage, deploying the airbag there, completely tearing apart bones and… you know… It was a very weird accident”-explained Hannah’s dad.
“No… No… Nothing like that happened… I can’t remember anything of it”-I mumbled.
“It’s normal that you can’t remember. Your brain needs time to remember certain things, so don’t worry, you’ll be eventually be able to remember”-explained Dr. Wayne.
I shook. So that’s why Dr. Wayne made that joke about being hit by a car!
I looked at Hannah’s leg. She had a wound in her right thigh, exactly like the one that “The Wanderer” had given her.
None of this was making sense, and I felt like I was going insane. My eyes fell on her arms… Absolutely no scars. At all.
“My parents brought me my laptop, but I’m sleepy and I think I’ve played enough Battlefield, so you can have it for now.”-she said smiling, handing me her laptop.
“Thanks baby, this is why I love you”, I replied, smiling and kissing her, but feeling completely confused on the inside. Before I left, I turned to Hannah, one last time and, asked “What happened to Gabrielle and Jake?”.
The answer I got stopped me in my tracks.
“Who...?”-asked Hannah.
“You know, two of our closest friends?”-I insisted.
“I don’t know who they are.”-she answered.
Her parents looked at me, confused.
“Who?”-asked Hannah’s mom.
“Gabrielle and Jake… Like the Jamaican girl and the tall guy…”-I told her.
“Honey… There isn’t anybody we know that have that name…”-Hannah told me, looking at me like I was crazy.
“Peter, I think we should go now.”-said Dr. Wayne.
“Yeah, okay, it was probably just a dream”-I replied, forcing a smile, knowing that it probably wasn’t just a dream.
Dr. Wayne helped me back to my room and I sat on my bed and opened my girlfriend’s laptop, but instead of starting to play Battlefield 3 (her laptop’s one of the best out there), I went to her e-mail. She always leaves it on. I searched everywhere for the message she received everywhere, but there was no sign of it. Now, I know Hannah. She never, ever, deletes her e-mails or text messages or anything like that; she’s just too lazy to do it.
Then, I logged onto my Facebook account, and I searched for Gabrielle and Jake. Nothing. There wasn’t any account related to them… I looked in my friend’s list, Hannah’s friends list, our friend’s lists, but there was nothing. I even searched for their nicknames, but it was no use.
I opened Microsoft Windows and started writing this.
I was told that, due to my surprisingly good condition, I was to be released from the hospital as soon as possible. I’ve been writing this for the past 90 minutes and now Dr. Wayn just told me I am being released. I have to go for now, but I’ll update this as soon as possible.

May, 12th of May, 2014.
I completely forgot to update this thing, due to keeping up with school and all the football games and practice sessions. It’s been four weeks since Hannah and I got out of hospital.
I’ve tried to put everything behind my back, and I tried to convince myself that all that happened was nothing but a dream, and it was working until… Well, I’ll explain.
I have noticed a few weird things around Hannah’s house. When I saw the weird dent on the living room’s wall where Gabrielle had supposedly had been thrown head first into, I asked her if she knew what had happened. She shook her head and told me that it had been in a party she had in her house. She didn’t actually see it happen, but she told me that some guys had flip out and threw something at the wall.
When I walked by her room, I noticed the look that supposedly had been broken by me. She explained to me that a couple had closed themselves in her room, in another party and the girl was cheating on a boy, and he wanted to break into the room.
All of this seemed to be a reasonable explanation, and it helped me accepting the fact that it probably was a dream, even though I couldn’t remember anything of it happening.
But today… Today I got home earlier, but because there wasn’t anyone on my mom’s best friend’s house and I didn’t feel like being alone, I went to Hannah’s. The front door is always opened, so I can get in very easily.
The first thing I did once I got to her house was to look at the floor. I have no idea of why I did it, but I just did. I noticed what seemed to be a white envelope, saying “For Hannah”, written in a very strange handwriting in a very red ink.
The ink seemed fresh and it had the same consistency as blood. After a while of staring at it, I came to the disgusting conclusion that it was actually blood.
I opened the envelope, taking out a piece of paper that contained the most shocking message I’ve ever seen in my life. It was written in actual blood.
“Do you see me…? They see you…”-And it contained of Gabrielle’s favorite rings and a wristband that Jake used all the time.
I almost fell on my knees when I read this… My throat dried up and I started to feel dizzy. It had been real… All of it…
“Peteeeerr? Is that you?”-asked Hannah from upstairs.
“Y-Yeah baby, it’s me!”-I shouted so she could hear it.
I kept the letter with me and I ended up burning it later.
I then got on her computer and started writing this part. I am absolutely terrified of what’s going to happen next. Hannah seems fine, but I’m scared that she’ll get hurt. I don’t care if I have the same fate as Gabrielle and Jake, as long as she doesn’t. I’m going to upload this on several sites on the internet now. And if you read this, please do not look for information about “The Wanderer” or anything related to it. Please."
-Peter Beckett
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