People who arent even Scene and shouldnt be here - General Discussion

Here because

12 months ago

Im here to make new friends here
12 months ago

Lets be friends!
12 months ago


8 months ago


I'm here because my friend told me to be on here. ~Human
6 months ago


The generic friends thing I guess haha.
5 months ago


My friend asked me.
3 months ago


Same, my friend is all like "Oh, dude you should join this site", I'm like "kk", LOL.
2 months ago


I've been here for about two years. I had an old profile but it was deleted. I mainly joined because my friend showed me the site, and I thought it'd be cool to join. So here I am. I've grown to liking this site actually. But now I'm just here making friends, just like everyone else in this group I guess haha
2 months ago


I was going through that "emo middle-schooler" phase when I started on here.
2 months ago

this is the only place people like me, i've been here before.