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2 years ago


Hey F***ERS,

My name is Schopenhauer, and I exist because of our interconnected status within this metaphysical construct. All of you are Hypothetical, Matter-recognized, impedances on the eternal nature of mindness who spend every second of their meaningless, yet quaint existence looking at that which chooses to gaze upon them. You are everything bad in the world, as perceived by a greater majority of the moral sphere. Honestly, have any of you ever even f***ing read The World As Will and Representation? I mean, I guess it's fun being completely unaware of the vast cosmic existence that pervades our very souls, deeming our own actions petty and inconsequential, playing to our own insecurities, but you all take this to a whole new level. This is even worse than that douche, Hegel.

Don't be a limited physical construct. Just hit me with your best shot (assuming that it exists within an existential realm of which I myself can perceive, if not interact with). I'm pretty much perfect (suck it, Descartes!). I was captain of the debate team (master-debater class of 1804) , and wrote a book. A f*ing book. What books have you written, other than "jacking off to naked drawn Japanese people FOR DUMMIES"? My metaphysical treatises are the foundation for that which influenced the likes of Nietzsche, Wagner, and a whole mess of Germans. I have a hot bitch or ten in my stables at all times ("women are by nature meant to obey" who said that, faggots? Not you, that's f*ing who.). You are nothing but an endless interplay of images and desires.

Thanks for listening, as if it mattered.

Pic Related: It's me and my f***ing boss sideburns.
2 years ago


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