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Post-core\ Only wearing band t-shirts for the "Fashion"\ Blood On The Dance Floor

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Okay now let me state this. Only post core band that doesn't kill my ears is We Came As Romans. The rest I find just to be complete s***.

The have the same formula for every single song. The same drum pattern mixed with some chugging and some screaming vocals. Then these winy emo vocals.

Its sad how these 12 year old girls think their music is hard-core.

Go listen to some Iron Maiden, Megadeath,Metallica, Slayer, System Of A Down, Ramage Inc, Amon Armonth, Danzig, ect

You'll hear really heavy stuff from them

Now onto the topic of "Wearing Band T-Shirts For "Fashion."

It seems the band this is mostly done to is nirvana. I reality these girls or boys. Do not know what they are purchasing.
ALSO This always happens to Misfits,Iron Maiden,Metallica,ect.

Now I hear nirvana shirts are being sold at forever 21? I think this is how most girls mistake this for fashion. Since Forever 21 is into that thing.

They probably Nirvana in the definition as "Freedom Of Pain" And are trying to do that popular grunge look everyone is trying to do.

Or they know it's a band. But only know one f***ing song

Smells like teen spirit.

This song is terribly over-rated and over played. It seems every person who fakes liking nirvana uses this song to seem as if they aren't posers.

Or every song from the Nevermind album

Let me state this. The Nevermind album only has a few expect-able songs.

"On A Plain, Lounge Act, Endless Nameless, Drain You, Stay Away, Something In The Way."

Lets narrow it down.

Every song other than Come As You Are, Lithuim, Smells Like Teen Spirit. And In Bloom.

Now if you only like one nirvana song being In Bloom. Then you are a walking contradiction.

Now the most neglected Nirvana Album is Incesticide

The Album after Nevermind.

Personally their best album for me is their last one.
And then Bleach. The beginning of it all.

Best song by them?

My opinion always changes.

Used to be Milk It, Sappy, Radio Friendly unit shiftier, Negative Creep.

Back to being on point. Learn more songs by bands before you buy the f***ing shirts.

Just a pet peeve of mine.

Now the mother of this s***.
Blood On The Dance Floor.
This band has been beatin to death with hate\love\disgust\confusion

It is pretty much a whore to everyone to either love or hate to death.

Reasons why I hate it?

1. S***ty music
2.S***ty people
3.S***ty fans
4.S***ty style
5.S***ty meanings

1.Their music is s***ty synthase beats. A dying grandma could make better beats.

2.Dahvie is a pedo, and Jayy is no better. I've never heard a case of Jayy pulling Dahvie to the side and saying "Hey man, what the f***?" Jayy is a witness and still is around.
He is like the wife that watches her husband rape and kill girls. But she never says anything.

3. Their fans will send you death threats, and tell you to die in a hole. They will make your life a living hell if you say anything about their gods Dahvie and Jayy. (Also may I add Dahvie endorses this? Adds to being a s***ty person.

4. Just google pictures of these people.

5. Their meanings are mixed up garbage recycled from stupid thoughts. Honestly they say "We are hear to put courage in a world of fear." Then why the hell are your lyrics all about sex? What in the f***ery Dahvie?

Thus concludes my rant.
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Regarding BOTDF: There's no legit proof either of them are pedophiles. Not all of their fans send death threats. The way the look is how they want to.
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I agree with this, honestly. Nirvana is one of my favorite bands aside from Alice In Chains, and I hate seeing people wearing Nirvana shirts to death and not knowing anything about the band. When I talk to people about their shirt and they say their favorite song by them is Smells Like Teen Spirit? No, just f*** off, because that's the only song you know. Smells Like Teen Spirit isn't a great song tbh, it's probably one of my least favorite songs by them.
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Botdf are horrible, creepy, and bad music
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Agreed but...

"Its sad how these 12 year old girls think their music is hard-core."

Uhh, but Post-Hardcore IS the actual genre of that music (sometimes Metalcore and Deathcore for some bands).

"Iron Maiden, Megadeath,Metallica, Slayer, System Of A Down, Ramage Inc, Amon Armonth, Danzig"

Yeah, Metal (Heavy, Thrash, etc), not Post-hardcore. Only thing that annoys me is when people say their bands are "Metal" and they don't acknowledge it's actually Post-hardcore or whatever genre they listen to.
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Honestly, I never do this and for a while it p*ed me off, but then I thought about it more and more I started realizing that it's f*ed up that I'm sitting around caring about what children are wearing. They're 12, 13, 14, 16, whatever - so be it. Music is music, shirts are shirts. We seem to get so defensive when someone accessorizes our "beliefs" or interests. Why are we not happy these interests are becoming popular?

7 years ago how many people wore Nirvana shirts? Slightly less (though we were younger so we probs didn't notice) How many people listened to the music? Slightly less?

What does it matter? Music is noise, it can be repetitive, simple, have lots of breakdowns, mean something, express an emotion or intrigue abstract interpretation. Regardless, music is personal. We share it within and it feels great - like we're f***ing high

Go to a show, share the internal high with others... it feels better when the vibrations match.

Now take 14 year old kids wearing t shirts for fashion purposes... we feel like it desaturates the fan pool, I guess and promotes stereotypes... robbing us of what though?

Surely not the way we dig the band, or how the music makes us feel. I think we get p***ed because we feel like we're not special and can't connect with other "special" people who truly care for our musical preferences; it's elitist.

One does not gain conviction over what one does. I've grown to accept it. ONCE I bought a Tool shirt when I was 11 because the Alex Grey logo was mad dope. You know what I did so I didn't look like a poser? Researched the band, listened to them and grew to actually dig them.

I prefer seeing Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Knapsack or Vulvodynia on fashion crazed kids shirts than J-Biebs or Nick Jonas. Fashion is a gateway, because it's so visible

Maybe in the future the general pool of up and coming musicians will be more solid because they researched the fashions present when they were kids and grew to like them, opposed to letting them wither away like Brahms or Chopin
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As for BOTDF, I don't dig the music, but the shirts are kind of cool... It's better imo that the shirts become more of a testament to the band than the music. Let the music live in the delusions of Xxxbr00talkidssxxX
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this is perfect