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Buying Merch

4 months ago

I don't about you guys but when ever I get/have a lot of money I want to spend it I social media type of deal( YOUTUBERS, music, books, etc.). So I go to the store and well I basically want to buy everything. I think I can buy everything but in reality I can't. So I try to be "realistic" with my self and see what I really want the most.
I go into the store thinking I'm gonna come out with at least 25 items but instead I just come out with 7 items. Sadly
4 months ago


I used to work at hot topic lol. So I know what its like
4 months ago


I going in knowing what I want, but generally with the bands I like the stores don't carry what I'm looking for.

Le sigh. The perils of liking bands that aren't cookie-cutter s***.