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New band, new family, and to change the world.

1 year ago


Looking to start a band but not only that but to start a family so that you know they have your back. Anyone all over the world it doesn't matter if your black, white, blue, gay, or anything. I don't discriminate or make fun of neither will the other band members. I would also love to have this group of people not only to change the world with the sense of trust but to protect those people. Ik how rough the world is but I want to make it better there's so much hate, but what if there isn't? I like the idea of no hate or hurt. But :3 it'll take time. So if anyone is interested message im serious about this. No joking crap 100% legit. I'll be waiting ^~^ byeeeez.
1 year ago


I feel u ,and i'm with u till the end for real !