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Songs you can listen to on repeat and not get tired of it ?

1 year ago


Welcome To The Black Parade haha
1 year ago


again everything by lana
1 year ago

Asshole by Ronnie and Andy <3
1 year ago


Holy Diver by Dio
To Defy The Laws Of Tradition by Primus
Got The Life by KoRn
a few songs by Slipknot
1 year ago


Born to Party and You're Cut Off by Municipal Waste
1 year ago


Syntax Lies, The Faint
Please Move, Bad Books
Now Hear In, Cloud Nothings
Wolf Like Me, TV on the Radio
Reptilia, The Strokes
Undercover Martyn, Two Door Cinema Club
Flashlight, The Front Bottoms
Kissing The Lipless, The Shins
Dull Life, Yeah Yeah Years
Black as Night, Nahko and Medicine 4ThePpl
C***crusher, Infant Annihilator
1 year ago

Welcome to the black parade, stupify, down with the sickness, monster, kick me, enter sand man, knives and pens, king for a day.
1 year ago


The Approaching Curve by Rise Against
1 year ago


Comfortably Numb, Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2, Mother, and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd