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New Topic tell me something about you

9 months ago

This Post is all about you
if you want to be part of this group at least tell me something about you nothing to personal Age, do you have any disorders, are you just a support system here, to be honest do you any brothers or sister or both that's all.
just let me get to know you better
peace out
8 months ago

My name is Paige and I'm 22. I joined this group to help support people because I know mental disorders can be terrifying especially if you feel like you're alone. I'm diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety that causes seizures. I will try to help out the best I can by giving advice from my own personal experiences. I hope I will help someone and leave a positive effect on them
8 months ago

Thanks for shearing and i am trying to help people and it's nice to have someone there to help out
8 months ago

I'm Nicole, I'm 19. I have social anxiety, depression, and bipolar ism. I plan on becoming a mortician after I get my GED.
8 months ago


I'm Kai, and I'm 16. I have anxiety, depression, disordered eating (semi-anorexia), aspergers, and adhd. I joined this group to find help for dealing with my mental illnesses.
7 months ago

well i am here to help
7 months ago


Hey I'm Sami, 25.
I suffer from depression, PTSD and anxiety attacks. I also have Intracranial Hypertension. I am on here because I really think that in order to work through your own demons it takes a really good support system, and I would love to help anyone who needs it.
7 months ago

well believe i started this group to help those with no support system
7 months ago


Everything major is on my profile.... I have chronic depression, PTSD, and ADHD (which I do not consider a mental disorder by any means). I used to self-harm, but I haven't done that for about three months now.
I joined this group because I find psychology interesting, and knowing what I know I feel as though I might be able to contribute to some of the topics here.
7 months ago

That's Nice