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Sexuality and Gender Identity?

2 months ago


Made this thread for future members. I'm agenderflux/librafluid, which means I'm Mainly agender but get very partial feelings of feminine feelings and masculinity, but don't fully or half feel like either and rather feel genderless. Hope my explanation was good, and my sexuality is pansexual
3 weeks ago


i am a trans boy and i am grey ace/grey aro and polyamorous!!
2 weeks ago


I'm female and I don't really know what to identify sexually, I just believe that if I were to have meet the person I end up falling in love with as the opposite gender than they are, that I would still love them, if that makes sense? idk
1 week ago


i am bi-gender which means i have my own male and female persona. A name for both and everything. I am pansexual. I believe that its okay to love anyone your heart desires. Anyone it craves. I don't care about your sexuality or the gender you are, but your heart and personality.
6 days ago


just plain old bi
5 days ago


I don't know what I am I don't really identify as either but I was born a girl and have more of a female feeling but I was raised with boys so I have a masculine feel to I think I'm *jokes* bipolar gender... But really I don't know what I am I like boys and girls and I think I'm pansexual