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Orlando Shooting

4 months ago


The week and weekend have been crazy in Florida...and our family was sadly affected by the mass shooting. I may not know those caught and killed in the crossfire, but they are still my family as I feel we were to them. We don't judge in this community, we accept each of everyone's flaws as well as our accomplishments. So many of our brothers and sisters shot dead from a man who hated what he was or hated what we are. The man did more good than harm, although we sob for those in that club, but, that horrid man brought us out of a community and into a family which we may have forgotten we are. A family who will be behind you and love you. Remember, you need nothing to be accepted in our families eyes. Whatever you believe in I think a moment of silence is needed for the ones we've lost.
2 months ago


The shooter was part of your "family".