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7 months ago


So many goodbye's to the world as the gay man feel's ashamed of the one he loves. So many have lost the fight feeling as if no one was there to hear them scream and yell...or maybe just talk about how great their partner is, but we are still fighting with each other and not giving up anytime soon. We are all brother's and sister's in the fact of loving who we do no matter how young or old, tall or short, thin or big. All the lost, scared souls must be saved from the d***ation of getting rid of a temporary problem...a.k.a. ourselves. I once watched a YouTube video depicting ever gay man as a pedophile ready to snatch up a young child. I voiced my opinion stating basically that we are all equal, God did not make us the way we are to cast us to Hell. The feedback was mostly horrid, but...the little that supported my speech made me smile. I looked back and saw, most of the bad feedback had no reason saying God doesn't like my kind I was astonished at how many people "Talked to God about his hatred for fags" but I did not feed into it and just smiled. I smiled because at their age they didn't know that "fag" is the end of a cigarette and yes, the good ol' "gay" means happy. We need to stop feeling bad for ourselves for loving the one we are meant for and just stand together, till death due us part!