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It's Not A Disease And It's Not Contagious

12 months ago


Love has never really been a good thing with me but I feel like people need to understand that it's not always what they want. So back to last year I had this amazing girlfriend and she was more than I could ever wish for. She was so perfect and she was a sort of thespian I suppose you could say, and she was a really sort of classic person. Yes we would Skype but she preferd to always physically be there or to write really heartfelt letter so that we could capture everything in the moment. One day her mom found her writing a letter, and guess who it was to... Me. Her parents are very religious and never accepted the fact that she liked girls just as much as she liked boys and were disgusted by the fact that she was dating me. She always waited and watched as she dropped of my angel to school to see if I would draw near. I always saw her, in her car giving me stare downs, it had become such a common thing that I didn't even care anymore. One day while we were Skyping her mom called her into the next room. She was telling her to stay away from me and that if we were together she would take her to church to "cleanse her soul". She was acting as if I was ebola and her daughter was gonna catch it. After we broke up we were still friends and hung out. But sadly she switched schools so it was hard to see her. When we were hanging out this summer we were planning a sleepover but sadly she could only stay at my house... For one hour. I had to ask why she couldn't stay and she told me, "My mom said she doesn't want me aroung you but she didn't want to be rude and not let me come. She still hates you for .... you know... dating me..... But yeah..." I remember questioning her of why her mother hated me and none of the other girls her daughter had dated before or after me and in that current moment I remembered she had a boyfriend and asked why she still thought we were gonna suck face if she had a boyfriend and she had no idea. Moving on to now a days I have a boyfriend and he knows I like anybody and that it just depends on their personality, but yet he has the nerve to make homophobic comments infront of me. Last week I asked him if he watched Tyler Oakley or Dan and Phil and he replied with, "Ugh I don't watch gay youtuubes. Waste of my time." Like wow hurtful. And that same week we were talking about or pasts and I brought up the ex I was talking about earlier and be said, "Yeah. No. I'm a bit of a homophobe." I asked him if he knew who I was and he said, "Yeah, but that's different." No it's not that different. Even though I'm his girlfriend and all it still hurts, like that's part of who I am. People need to like grow a pair and realize we aren't all straight and we LGBTQ community are a disease that ou can eradicate. And just to put in why do people assume that you were born straight then turn gay or bi or pan when it could be that we are all born gay and chose to be straight bi or pan?
9 months ago

I'm bi and I was born that way baby :D
9 months ago

wow beautifully said gay and proud
9 months ago

Born this way, thank you for sharing this c':
7 months ago


Pan and proud!