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1 year ago

it annoys me when people use or think depression as a joke. I hate quite bad depression and it annoys me when people say oh I have depression cause someone dumped them or something. I know that can be upsetting. sorry for the rant or if I offended anyone. what do you think about depression?
12 months ago


I used to be depressed af back around January, and I slowly got better. I then started dating a friend and she helped with the final cleaning up. Well I was still depressed sometimes after we dated but she definitely helped. I honestly believe that we would have been better off just as friends though. Close friends of course. I'll admit that I was sort of depressed when she dumped me, but I then decided to not get into the cycle again, because I'd just make it worse. I didn't want to start cutting again. I also realized that she had made my life better, not worse.
12 months ago


I'm a borderliner and I know how it feels. I used to selfharm and one time my sleeve was up but I didn't notice bc I was busy. Someone noticed that and shouted: She's cutting herself!!!!
I was quite embarrassed and yeah, the next few days I got a lot of questions about if I was depressed and if it hurts to cut. Eventhough I tried to ignore that, they kept on asking questions and someone was like: she's doing it for attention. And that's when the bullying part started, at highschool... They pretty much told me I'm weak and that i should kill myself, because according to them: if I was really depressed, I should've already killed myself earlier. I eventually tried it, fortunately with no success. Because, if I succeeded I simply couldn't have proved them wrong by graduating highschool and going to college. Even though I'm still quite depressed, I'm proud I managed to get through highschool. Feeling a bit better about myself now and just keeping this quote in mind: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, Then it's not the end" - Edward Christopher Sheeran.

Sorry for my stupid story, but most people who think depression is a joke are close-minded people, just keep that in mind. Only my real friends know me, afterall we're all human beings.
12 months ago


I'm tired of feeling alone ;-;