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An Unwanted Agreement

7 months ago


so my girlfriend and i made a deal. this deal is that once Homestuck is finished i will read it, and in exchange she reads any books, watches any movies/tv shows i want her to (not my idea, it was all her's). i've tried to read it before and i just wasnt interested. even though went to my first con as Karkat, i just don't really enjoy it. i want to do this for her because i know it means a lot to her, but it just didn't intrigue me. PLEASE HELP CONVINCE ME TO WANT TO READ IT! HELP!
7 months ago


Well....To be honest if its not your thing its not your thing. BUT i assure you yes the beginning is slow. Really slow, but once you get passed that you will probably end up liking it x3
7 months ago

Just watch the let's read homestuck series, it's easier to watch the first 4 acts than to actually read them
6 months ago


watching it on yt is way better homestuck is all about time paradox and trolls anyways i think its hard to keep up with but its cool after sometime of getting in to it but when u do there no going back hahah i had more to say but i for got