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Is the Xbox One worth it?

3 years ago


I want to get the Xbox One, and i already have a few 360's i just want to know is it really worth it? If they're still making games for the 360? Whats the point of the One.. :( Any thoughts?
3 years ago

josh 🌟 

As someone that hasn't owned an Xbox since the original, my thought is to simply wait with any new console. Big reason for that is that often times there is a period of time that the old console is still seeing new games (Games that were still in development when the new console came out and the company didn't want to port to the new platform). Not just that but the Xbox's lack of compatibility with the 360 means you'll most likely keep your 360 anyway for at least a little while. May as well hold off and get one after they start dropping pricing
3 years ago

Deleted User

That and the increased likelihood of hardware issues with early releases. I almost never buy new electronics until I know they work as they should.