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Skyrim ^-^

2 years ago

What race are you?
What Lv are you on?
How many achievements you have left?
Tips on getting achievements. ^^
2 years ago

Nord/ dark elf
over lvl. 80 on each platform(xbox/ps3/pc)
one or two achievements left overall
2 years ago

Lv 25-27
4-5 left, I think? (Second playthrough now. Previous one was a wood/elf, got to level 40 then quit 'cause finished storylines and got bored)

Any cheat/achievement site like IGN, Gamefaqs or cheatplanet/gamesradar etc.
2 years ago

I forgot to add:
What was your favorite quest? :3

Here's mine
Lv 57
Four achievements left
Daedric Quests <3