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Majoras mask: what do YOU think happened?

3 years ago

Deleted User

there are so many rumors about this game that it's almost impossible to comprehend any of it, i've gone through so much articles, books, textures in the game, dialogue, and just pondering and i've come up with this;

The question(s): What happens to link in Majora's Mask? where did the Mask really come from?

I think that if Majora's Mask was really about links death, or about the seven stages of loss (of his fairy friend Navi), then it would make sense one way or another that he would continue on to twilight princess. Since the official timeline has a split timeline where link could win or lose against gannon in Ocarina of Time, who is to say that link is successful in majoras mask?

Termina could be links purgatory and whether he wins or loses will stay there.
Say the moon hits termina, then link would die, Possibly as the deity, and having the masks masterful sword techniques would continue on as a stalfos hoping his demise would not happen again.

On the other side, say link saves termina and the seven stages of loss was about navi and not about his own death, then he could wind up growing old (naturally) and become a masterful swordsman for hyrule later in life.

It's really how you want to interpret it as.

Side note, there are also rumors, though not many, that the happy mask salesman is the last descendant of the ancient tribe that had created the majora's mask

And, though unofficial, i have a book that was written during the time majora's mask was in development and depicts the mask being created when a bounty-hunter-esk-warrior claims the soul of a monstrous beast in the desert, being completely alone and always killing whoever came near him he went through the seven stages of loss again and again growing more and more evil before the warrior killed him and trapped his blackened soul in the mask, hoping to never release it's evil upon the world again.

Again this is unofficial, since the game was not even out yet when the book was written, but it does put another spin on the masks origin.

What do you guys think?