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The internet is playing Pokemon!

3 years ago

if you are unaware, the streaming service twitch has a live video of pokemon red where YOU control the game.

That's right, you... and thousands of others are watching and controlling the game as a whole to defeat the elite four!

The video is still going on and is legitimately making progress, if you want to join in and watch the chaos and sort of heart warming collaboration of the internet playing this game i'll post a link to the twitch channel.

as of the person responsible of this is yet to be known. They want to remain anonymous and is probably a smart move.

What do you think of the internet playing a game as one? What other game should this person/people twitch that we all play as a whole?

twitch channel:
3 years ago


im watching this stream since the beginning XD its a real pain to watch how retarded it is XD but its just so funny XD
3 years ago

How long has this been going on for? It blows my mind that they've actually made it this far. o.o
3 years ago

It has a timer on the video of how long it has been going, as this time it is over 7 days. It now has an anarchy vs. democracy where if one is influenced more it causes different results. anarchy makes it like it has been since it started; everyone putting in commands and nothing really get's done. Democracy makes it so you can put in a sequence of moves (left2/ up5) to ease up the gameplay and let the game progress more thoroughly.

At this time they are in lavender town. two days ago they were at the casino, not bad for 50,000 people.