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Game cloning thanks to flappy bird

3 years ago

Don't believe me? it's happening to the point of being a virus, spreading through every app store and computer. I don't like flappy bird, and had it literally on my phone for 3 minutes before deleting it thinking it was just another s*** game, but it has become immensely popular. More so is the fan reactions on flappy bird, everyone hating on it saying "it's so hard!" or posting their highest score on twitter.
Games like this will come and go much like most pick up and go games, especially now with mobile phones and tablets etc.. It's easy to make a simple game with little to no effort and be a huge hit.

What is disconcerting is thanks to flappy bird so many people have 'cloned' the game's design and released a slew of identical games for virtually every platform.

There is even a tumblr page all about the different flappy games have been made, many using the same template flappy bird is made on, people using aliases similar to the designers name [Dong Nguyen].

Kotaku has an article on this "black market" of flappy clones, give it a look.
2 years ago

flappy is easy and s*** :p
2 years ago

Of course there are. The same thing happened to Tetris and just about every stupidly simplistic game.
2 years ago

Tetris is awesome, and not quite easy once you actually reach a high lvl :P
2 years ago

its definitely not easy, but the controls, gameplay and graphics are simplistic. not a lot of flair.
2 years ago

Speaking of such games, you should check out, if you haven't already. Many spin-offs exist already.