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Favorite Games??

3 years ago

Let's start this s***storm
3 years ago

Mine are The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout series, Borderlands series.
3 years ago

Legend Of Zelda Series
Elder Scrolls Series
Any Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts
Any Mario Party
3 years ago

Legacy of Kain series <3
3 years ago

The Original Fallout games (forget Fallout 3), Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, The Sims 3, Burnout, Mortal Kombat.
3 years ago

Legend of Zelda series
Final Fantasy series
The Cat Lady
Kingdom Hearts series
Professor Layton series
Mortal Kombat
The Sims
....•__• that is all I can think of at this particular moment
3 years ago


Time Splitter
Assassin's creed series
Deadpool the video game
3 years ago

Half life 2
Last of us (duh)
Silent hills
3 years ago

Legend Of Zelda (the entire game series)
COD: mw2 & mw3
COD: Black Ops 2
Left 4 Dead (1 and 2)
Fallout 3
Fable (entire series)
Soul Calibur (entire series)
Halo: Reach
Halo 3
Halo Wars
Super Mario (or any mario game)
Donkey Kong (any DK related game)
Devil May Cry (entire series)
....and many many more xD
3 years ago


Minecraft, COD, Doom, Urban Terror, GMod, The Wolf Among Us