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Papers, Please : The most worst/best game on steam.

3 years ago

Deleted User

This is a game i wanted to bring to everyone's attention, it's a steam game designed around you checking peoples passports in eastern europe post world war II. It sounds like a horrid game but once you play it you get incredibly addicted, it's pretty much paperwork: the game but it is awesome.
I suggest this game just for a laugh or time waster. You can easily play this game for hours on end.

One complaint i have for the game is once you get a game over(yes, you can f*** up paperwork) and you decide to start a new game, there is no dynamic randomization with the people you go through the game. They are the same people every time so once you have played a few times you just know who to let into the country or not.
They do have a free mode and you can restart at the day you f*ed up, but there is also money involved to pay for rent, food, heat, and your family(the best/worst part of the game) so if you f* up you might think you want to try again and get more money next time.

Overall this game is right to the point, fun, and humorous.
I give this game an imaginary legit score of 7/10

Buy the game and let me know what you think?
3 years ago


I read this, got the game and now I'm addicted ;-;
3 years ago


This game kicks ass the ass, also, people that made parodies on youtube did a very good job