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Skylanders vs Disney Infinity

3 years ago

josh 🌟 

I own both and I must say the Skylanders game (the latest one at least) is significantly more polished than the Disney one. As I understand it Disney Infinity has a ton more replay value because of how open ended some of the stuff is, but unfortunately I think the controls feel clunky as hell whereas the Skylanders is just a smooth polished experienced (granted, it's their 3rd? game in the series). Additionally, I'm really digging the way the Skylanders game handles swapping characters, very fluid and fast and way less confusing than the Power Discs and the fact that Disney only lets you play certain levels with certain characters (not very infinite if you ask me)

Anyone else play these games and if so, what's your fave?
3 years ago


thanks for your reply on skylander's i have been wondering about if I should be buying one but i was unsure and pretty doubtful in the game itself.